5 Healthy Foods to Prevent Heart Attack

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Once you get a heart attack, you will either end up dead or bed-ridden but miserable. No one will even dare to imagine that kind of scenario but based on recent statistics, more and more people are suffering from heart attacks on a daily basis. If we all want to be healthy then what is the reason behind this phenomenon? Well, genetics aside, most of us probably live in an environment that is either full from stress or flooded with fatty “fast” foods. For sure, regular exercise and other positive lifestyle modifications will increase our resistance against heart-related problems but just like in other health conditions, this is also an opportunity for wellness cuisine to spread its wonders once again. Here are just some of the simple foods that have been known to prevent heart attacks:

1. Drinking water

Dehydration can create an electrolyte imbalance that will put your heart in great peril. Electrolytes keep your heart in great shape and if their is no fluid that serves as a vehicle for these electrolytes and for other essential nutrients, the heart will fail to pump effectively and if this condition persists, cardiac muscles will begin to deteriorate until heart attack ends the cycle.

2. Garlic

It will surely add strong flavor to your dishes but aside from this, garlic has been known as well to contain natural chemicals that decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. In the Philippines, garlic has been used as a first aid treatment for a hypertensive attack.

3. Salmon

Beyond its award-winning taste, salmon is also known to provide omega-3 fatty acids which increases good cholesterol in the body, prevents fatty plaques from ever occurring and keeps those blood vessels in tiptop shape.

4. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Much has been said about the wonderful benefits that fresh fruits and vegetables can bring to one’s health and this time, I will emphasize it once again. When I say “fresh” it means that fruits and vegetables must be served raw/barely cooked and not OVERCOOKED because the longer the cooking process, the more juice that contains essential nutrients will escape from them. Also, try to choose a variety of fruits and vegetables; the more colorful, the better.

5. Hot cocoa with skim milk

Drink 100% cocoa and you will get antioxidants in amounts greater than what you can usually get from a single serving of red wine or green tea. Add low-fat  milk and you will only add heart-friendly nutrients and water that will keep your heart in its best shape.

You can choose any food from this selection but let us not forget that eating healthy nutrients will never be enough to beat our heart attack risks. Healthy lifestyle is multifaceted and it will be up to us if we are going to create all the necessary changes in our life to prevent diseases. Our heart plays a vital role in keeping our body organs intact so we must do all things possible to keep it pumping and working.

Source: 5 Foods to Prevent Heart by Rebecca Scritchfield MA, RD, LD – DietsInReview.com