6 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Heart Attack

When my father died from heart attack one year ago, I knew right there and then that this disease is one of the greatest traitors any man can ever encounter in his lifetime. It can change anybody’s life in just a snap and has been the reason why so many talented and promising individuals have faced early deaths. According to DOH, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases continue to rank as the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the country. This is quite alarming considering the fact that it can be prevented through proper lifestyle modifications. With the right discipline and strong willpower, the battle against heart attack can come a long way. Listed below are some of the simple ways to help you prevent heart attack from ruining your life:

1. Exercise

Doctors  have pointed this out for so many times already and I will reiterate it again for the sake of health promotion: regular exercise is good for your health. Yes, it can be discouraging sometimes and other people even believe that exercise can potentially cause heart attack but in a medical point of view, benefits of regular exercise far outweigh its risks. Choosing an activity that both suits your interest and lifestyle (you can choose any activity like cycling, swimming, walking with your pet dog, running, badminton, etc.) will surely give you the edge to fight heart attack. And since our heart is a pumping machine that gets stronger with regular use, 30 minutes of exercise for 5-6 days  a week is enough to keep you fit and healthy.

2. Know your history

If your risk for heart attack is clearly embedded on your genes, the only thing that is left for you to do is modify your lifestyle to at least stop this “heart attack” genes from  being reactivated. Interviewing your relatives and knowing how many of your loved ones died or suffered from heart attack  are essential steps in knowing how strong your risk is in having heart-related problems. Relaying the information obtained to your doctor can help you in determining ways to decrease your chances of getting the disease.

3. Pamper yourself

Stress and lack of sleep can eventually take their toll on your health so make sure you do your part in minimizing it by pampering yourself. Hormones that are released during stressful periods can increase your blood pressure and your risk in having heart attack, stroke or aneurysm that is why you should never be guilty in finding ways to give yourself a pampering treat every now and then.

4. Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol

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According to medical experts, your daily cholesterol must not exceed 300 milligrams while your daily fat intake should not be more than 30% of your daily  food intake. Once the excess fats in the body builds up, they will amass into a fatty plaque (atherosclerosis) that will block the flow of blood which can eventually lead to stroke and heart attack. Blood pressure, on the other hand, can be controlled by quitting smoking habits, avoiding alcoholic drinks, eating foods that are low in salt and by doing cardio workouts regularly. Consistent high blood pressure measurements are not ideal as it can be a prerequisite for stroke and other heart-related problems if left uncontrolled.

5. Undergo preventive health screenings

Knowing your BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol levels will surely give you a clue if you are at risk or not in developing heart attack and other heart-related diseases. BMI or body mass index will determine if you are overweight or obese and as we all know, the more weight you gain, the more chances you have in getting a heart attack in the future. You can determine your BMI through this link: Calculate Your Body Mass Index.

6. Learn the symptoms of a heart disease and how to do basic CPR

Chest pain is not the only way to predict an impending heart attack because recent studies have revealed some important signs and symptoms that people often overlook. Knowing ALL the telltale signs of heart attack can be as life-saving as doing a simple CPR, a procedure that every person, health professional or not, must learn about. For more information, please read the following articles:

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