7 Foods To Prevent Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

When Metro Manila temperature reached a staggering and record-breaking 34.4 degree  Celsius last February 23, 2012, there’s no doubt that the summer season is about to whip its tail. And with PAG-ASA predicting that the summer heat will get stronger for the  coming months, every one is wondering who are at risk to develop heat exhaustion. Well, to tell you honestly, anyone can get heat exhaustion especially if you don’t do anything to cool yourself down. Heat exhaustion happens in the body when the rate of heat absorption is more than the rate  of heat release. If left uncontrolled, this can even lead to a phenomenon called heat stroke when cases of organ failure and even coma begin to occur. We all want to enjoy summer but amidst festivities and sweltering heat of the sun, let us never forget to take care of our health. This is the time that our body needs more fluid so let the 7 food suggestions below do the job of hydrating yourself.


Watermelon is a natural thirst-quencher because it contains 75% of water. A chilled serving of watermelon can cool down your body and is also known in providing relief for fever, sore throat and anxiety.


Adding flavors to your food using garlic or onion can be a lot more exciting because these two also contain natural components that are known to decrease body heat and prevent  it from reaching the danger levels. Garlic is also a natural blood pressure regulator while onion also contains Vitamin C, another important nutrient that can help nourish your body. Putting some onion extracts behind the ears or at the chest area has been known as well as a popular home remedy for heat stroke.


Buttermilk is also known for its natural cooling effects and has been considered by some experts as one of the best remedy for heat stroke. Putting a pinch of salt in a serving of buttermilk is also recommended to make it more potent as a home remedy for heat related diseases.

Raw mango

Also a popular home remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke, raw mangoes can literally help you in the cooling process. To make an easy home remedy, you must roast or boil some raw mangoes, cool it for a moment and then put the pulp together with some coriander, salt, pepper and sugar in a blender. Mix them altogether and drink the final product for 4 times a day.

Olive oil

Foods that are rich in protein like olive oil are known to prevent heat stroke so it is recommended to prepare foods or salads using olive oil especially during summer periods.


Naturally rich in Vitamin C and other helpful nutrients, tomatoes are also known to prevent additional heat from being produced within the body.

Plain drinking water/Cold soup

This is actually a no-brainer because for you to prevent heat exhaustion, you need to drink more fluids regardless if it’s a plain drinking water, vegetable soup or any soup to serve that purpose. Cold soup is advisable because it can also help in lowering your body temperature.

If there are foods that are being recommended to prevent heat exhaustion, there are of course some items that you need to avoid or watch out for and these include products containing too much salt or caffeine like coffee and tea. Dehydration is anyone’s great enemy during summer and since caffeine is a natural diuretic (agents that induce urination), it is better not to take it so that you won’t make things worse. Be informed about the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and the first aid measures that one can do to take care of a suffering individual. Prevention is better than cure so don’t ever let heat stroke to ruin your summer adventures.

Photo credit: http://www.examiner.com