5 Simple & Easy Tips That Could Save Lives (Probably Yours, too!)

It’s so easy to assume and also to hope that freak accidents will never happen to you.  But if it’s happening to others, who’s to say that accidents won’t ever happen to you, too?  Think again.

You lose nothing from learning some few simple and easy tips that could come very handy during emergencies.  Who knows? The very life you save could be yours,  a member of your family or a close friend.  Learn these few tips and share them with others.  No man is an island; and yet, sometimes, there isn’t anybody around during an emergency!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to save yourself?

For Severe Bleeding

During our scouting days, the method taught to us about treating severe bleeding was applying  tourniquets adjacent to the injured body part.  However, it is not advised anymore, except in cases when you are sure that any part below the wound looks heavily injured and obviously beyond repair.  For example, an accident has amputated or crushed your leg or arm and the only way to stop the bleeding is to apply tourniquet on the remaining body part.  But for any other wound that is severely bleeding, it is advised to place a clean cloth, scarf, handkerchief or even your hand on the wound, applying direct pressure on the wound until the bleeding stops and help comes. A tourniquet is not advisable on wounds on legs or arm parts if there are no irreparable damage because the tourniquet will only close the blood vessels to the entire legs or arms and cause you to lose your foot/arm instead of saving it.

Choking Emergencies

Freak accidents do happen; and choking on, let’s say, a piece of meat ball can be looked upon as one  instance that could cost you your life if not attended to hastily.  When attempts to wash it down with water or gagging yourself fails, it would be best to go to a nearby couch, a chair or the kitchen counter right away and thrust your upper abdomen forcefully on the hard arm of the chair, couch or kitchen counter, in much the same way as doing the Heimlich maneuver on somebody who choked, sending the meatball out, thus allowing you to be able to breathe normally again.

Possible Heart Attack

If you suddenly find yourself  having a persistent chest pain that radiates to one or both shoulders, or down the left arm or both arms, on the neck part or jaw; and experiencing shortness of breath or gasping, it is possible that you are on the verge of having a heart attack.  Have the presence of mind to quickly call for an ambulance, or call someone to take you to the hospital.  Don’t attempt to drive yourself to the nearest healthcare provider or institution!. While waiting for help, position yourself in a well ventilated area , sit up as comfortably as possible with many pillows to prop you up because you may experience shortness of breath.  Do your best to relax and take a few deep breaths;  slowly and quietly, mentally counting inhale and exhales to take your mind off stress.  Presence of mind has helped many gravely-ill people to survive.  So can you!

Sudden Bouts of Allergy

Sudden food allergies or seasonal allergies do happen; and they can happen to anybody who has had no previous history on allergies. Usual symptoms are sudden watery and reddening of eyes; skin irritation, minor swelling,  rashes  and itching.  It is worth applying a cold compress on the rashes or itchy skin; or calamine lotion if you have it in your home.  It is advised to have some antihistamines at home and in your wallet for emergency purposes; as we never know when or where  environmental or food allergies might occur.

More severe symptoms could include drop in blood pressure and occurrence of anaphylactic shock which necessitates immediate medical attention. When possible, have an allergy test done right away.

It is worth knowing that an allergic reaction can occur so suddenly, like allergy to sea foods, pollen or some medications. While there had been testimonies on using Grandma’s home remedies like a spoonful of sugar to counteract sudden manifestations of allergy, it is still best to go to your doctor before further complications arise.

Food Poisoning

Suspect that something is wrong when food tastes strange and when after a while nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps occur.  Worse is when you suddenly have diarrhea, aches and pains, fever and signs of shock.  That could be due to bacterial food poisoning. Worst is when you develop dizziness, your speech becomes slurred and experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing.  Toxic poisoning is usually the culprit there.  Food poisoning takes place when  contaminated food containing harmful bacteria, parasites or viruses are ingested. Both types shouldn’t be underestimated, though, especially in the elderly or the very young, as they could lead to death.

Best treatment would be to stay hydrated by taking in small sips of water or warm tea to replenish the lost fluids from frequent vomiting and diarrhea.  If there is difficulty in breathing, position yourself comfortably, maintain your airway and do your best to relax and take a few deep breaths;  slowly and quietly.  Recall what food was taken for the past 24-48 hours and seek medical attention right away as antibiotics might be necessary asap.

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Some people take their symptoms lightly; and act only when there are serious indications.  Why wait for complications when you can easily identity warning signs?  These are really cool tips  worth learning and remembering, right?  But of course, none of these would be worth anything unless you also learn to combat PANIC!  (Well, maybe we should  learn about how to fight panic next? ^_^)

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