How to Avoid Depression (Six Sure Schemes to Shoo Chronic Depression Away)

Get up and get moving (Photo Credit: Dreamstine)
Get up and get moving (Photo Credit: Dreamstine)

Is it possible to thwart depression?  Can we avoid it?  If it’s threatening to engulf us, should we give in; or should we fight it back? The answer:  Shoo it away!

Get up and get moving         (Photo Credit:  Dreamstine)
Get up and get moving (Photo Credit: Dreamstine)

And here are six sure simple ways to do that:

1.  Strive for a balanced life

Life is not just a matter of going from one day to the next.  Likewise, it’s not a case of having to work ourselves to death in order to achieve what we perceive as success.  We need to address various aspects of our life, and make sure that we are giving fair share to all areas.  Focusing all our time and energy on work, e.g., will deprive us of relaxation and personal relationships.  Likewise, spending much time on worthless activities will only detract us  from being productive. Have a life purpose which is the foundation of a balanced life; and strive towards aligning values, roles and responsibility with your life purpose. When you feel right and whole, happiness stays with you all time.

2.  Learn to disconnect from negative thoughts and negative influences

Train your mind to allow positive thoughts to come in and let go of negative thoughts.  Each time negative thinking surfaces, erase it the way you would on a chalkboard. You see, dwelling on negative thoughts give them a chance to eat you up.  Tell yourself repeatedly that there is nothing to be gained from being negative, and that you have a great positive mind.  More over, fill your vocabulary with positive words; avoid cursing; avoid yelling obscenities; and lower your expectations of the people around you to avoid disappointment.  Do not allow frustration to compel you to take alcohol or drugs.  Say NO to activities that could imbalance your life focus.

3. Keep yourself preoccupied with worthwhile activities and diversions

Never say you don’t have the time; because time is always there for us.  Learn to manage your time effectively; making sure that you are fulfilling your obligations in your family life and have precious moments to share with people you love.  Do not leave idle time for depression to set in. There are a hundred good things to choose from if you really want to lighten up your mood.  Making a list of activities  or hobbies you enjoy will help take your mind off negative thoughts.  Do what you enjoy, especially those you are passionate about; because doing so produces high energy and enthusiasm which overshadows depression. Be with people who bring out the best in you; who can make you laugh and inspire you to be a better person.

4. Be kind to both people and animals

Happiness is a by-product of kindness.  Offering goodwill to people and pets create an aura of positive energy.  Depression makes us weak; so surrounding ourselves  with opportunities to foster benevolence and kindness will definitely set us soaring with joy, making us stronger every time. Like one song says, “give a little love and it all goes back to you.”  Even pets have been proven to bring soothing effect to their depressed masters.  But don’t confine yourself to pets alone. Interact with good friends and be willing to talk about your concerns so that you could have a glimpse of different perspectives.  It’s funny how, sometimes, what we see as big is seen by others as small.  We need a little enlightenment from time to time and should not rely just on our own understanding.  Remember, shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.  And surely, shared depression is half depression, too?  ^__^

5.  Don’t hesitate to make appropriate CHANGES

You want to change the way you feel? You want to raise yourself  from that deep abyss?    So , how about making certain changes that could change what you want changed? (What a pun!)

Change of environment doesn’t always mean move house; if that’s not so possible, consider  cleaning up, redecorating, repainting or restyling your home.  Looking at the same things but seeing it differently help bring about positive vibes; like, “hey, changes are happening!”  (Getting busy with the changes keeps you preoccupied, and out of your box!)

Change your routine.  Going through the same routine every day can definitely be exasperating.  Be creative.  Break that routine. Get out of that rut called depression.  Schedule some days off to do things you know you would enjoy.  Do something you’ve never tried before, but you wish you did.  Rearrange your work area if possible.  Check your timetable, your itinerary; maybe, even your usual selection of food and drinks.  If there’s another route going to and from work, why not change route once in a while? It would certainly break the monotony, and somehow break those depressive spells.

Change your looks.  Get a different hairstyle.  Have a change of wear.  Try a new look.  Depression could leave you sullen, and a total make over might just be  the lift you need to separate yourself from the desolate look and outlook you have.  Then, love the new you!

6.  Get up and get moving                                                                                       

Rising up     (Photo Credit:  Thefreshxpress)
Rising up (Photo Credit: Thefreshxpress)

Life is constantly changing; everything is temporary, even feelings.  Whenever you feel an attack of the blues, get up from your pit and get moving.  Know that the more you stay in one place or position, the more you’ll feel cramped.  Think of the roller coaster ride as similar to our emotions. There are days when we are on top, then there are sudden dips which we can compare with setbacks in our life.  Most days we are somewhere in the middle of ups and downs.  It would help to remind ourselves that it’s natural to have up and down moments, and that feelings of depression is also temporary (unless we choose to jump into that black hole permanently).

Go for a walk, jog; hit the gym or get into sports. Adapt to a rhythm that will prod you into action.  Get into a lively beat.  Music has a therapeutic effect to the mind and soul.  The more enthusiasm you put into your everyday, the better you’ll feel.  Throw that heaviness away.  Get up and get moving!

If you feel you have done something not quite right, and guilt is putting you down, get up and do what is right to appease your guilt feeling.  If you haven’t done anybody wrong, but some people are pointing their finger at you, shrug them off.  Don’t let other people’s judgmental nature ruin you. What matters is knowing you have a clear conscience.  Get up and get going; don’t let people ruin you.

If someone has put you down and trampled on your person; if you made a huge mistake and you went downhill, so what?  Remember when you’re at the bottom, the only way to go is up!  Reflect on your past accomplishments; recall your strengths and review your options.  Build your self-confidence again, because nobody can build it for you.  To do that, get up and get moving!

If a relationship ends, have that one last cry and then, get up and  get moving.  Don’t dwell on regrets and enumerate hurts.  If it was a good relationship, it wouldn’t have ended.  But because it has, that means it’s the opposite.  The pain may not just go away, but you’ll get used to it little by little.  To manage that, get up and get moving.  There are many things worth doing and one of them is opening new doors!

– – – – –

These  suggestions may not eliminate your problems, but they can certainly  help break  your negative thought pattern and ease your depression little by little.  You see, the best way to prevent depression from taking the best of you is to take action.

 If you suspect you might have a serious mental health problem, don’t hesitate to seek  a health care professional.

Mind over matter. 

Think of the famous phrase, “Mind over matter.”  Let it remind us that the mind should win over any matter! And depression is the very matter which shouldn’t defeat our minds.  ^__^

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