Rate Thy Heart with Heart Rate Monitors

Photo of a heart rate monitor showing chest strap and watch (Photo Credit : Wikipedia)
Photo of a heart rate monitor showing chest strap and watch (Photo Credit : Wikipedia)

What is a Heart Rate Monitor, someone asked me.  I said in a very simple way that “it’s a device to monitor our heart rate”.   Then, a follow-up question,  “Why would we want to monitor our heart rate?”  Another  simple answer …  “because our heart matters.”

Because Our Heart Matters

More and more people are becoming more health conscious, such that health and fitness

Photo of a heart rate monitor showing chest strap and watch (Photo Credit : Wikipedia)
Photo of a heart rate monitor showing chest strap and watch (Photo Credit : Wikipedia)

activities have been fitted into their schedules.  Even busy professionals and business people have set aside some time to go to the gym or aerobics class to maintain a healthy body.  Some prefer to start their day with jogging or brisk walking; while others choose the weekend  for their gym work outs or exercises.

Whatever  program one chooses to keep one’s self  fit, whether it’s outdoor running, dancing,  aerobics, or even sports,  one of the most important thing to take note of is the heart rate.   You don’t want  to overdo your heart, right?  That is why,  it is very important to  know your own heart’s  pacing; you can do that if you have a  heart rate monitor handy.  Of course, the best heart rate monitor  is one that accurately reads your heart rate!  Make sure to get one that is truly reliable.

Each of us have only one heart and it is the core of our body.  We may still live without our others parts, but the heart is our pumping station.   Let us always take care of it.

Keep Your Heart Alive

It is our responsibility to keep watch over our own hearts.  It is the center of our body and we are the keepers of ourselves.  Keeping fit is not a luxury; it’s a  maintenance if we want to enjoy a longer and healthy life.  Even if we look so well with regards to physical attributes, it is not a gauge to determine our wellness.   Beauty is not synonymous with fitness.

It is therefore necessary that we take measures to regularly perform physical fitness activities like running and exercising.  The heart of the matter is the heart, primarily; and the best heart rate monitor wasn’t manufactured for the athletes alone.  It is also for people who lead hectic lives outside the gym and the field of sports.

Keeping track of our heart’s rate on regular intervals and knowing our limitations on strenuous exercises will keep our heart far from uncalled attacks.   Even the simple act of reading our resting heart rate first thing in the morning before we get into various activities is a very good way to keep ourselves updated with our heart’s level of fitness.

How a Heart Rate Monitor Can Help an Exerciser

Work out gyms are conveniently located almost everywhere now.   Keeping fit has become a regular activity; whereas, quite a long time ago, it was only for the athletes, the sports-minded and the elite.  Regular exercisers and those who need to lose weight are now patrons of gyms and exercise gurus; following exercise programs and a nutritionist’s diet.

Gym instructors now highly recommend the use of best heart rate monitors to exercisers so that they can take a running tally of their respective heart rates at any given moment, and thus be more aware of their limitations. In addition, the monitor somehow helps in keeping them interested and preoccupied with their exercise pace and in their progress on a daily basis.

Perhaps one of the less mentioned importance of the heart rate monitor to exercisers is the psychological effect it can bring to the exerciser. Having a heart rate monitor by your side when you are into your exercise programs probably gives one the secure feeling that you have a doctor by your side! 

HRM –   A Must-have Tool for Athletes

 Every athlete’s heart is a racer.  It keeps running to keep up with the athlete’s active life in training and competition.  It works two to three times harder; perhaps more, when the athlete is in the peak of pushing himself to the limit.  It is able to rest only when the athlete is at rest.

Athletes who are really into their sports   like to keep themselves in the peak of their health and in the heart of their training program; with or without trainers by their side.   Discipline becomes a matter of great importance to personal training.  Monitoring one’s own progress and training is easy task for disciplined and organized athletes, especially when they have the best heart rate monitor as their constant companion.

The highly advanced   models of heart rate monitors do more than give out heart rate readings.  From the alarm in the morning until time to rest, the latest heart rate monitor truly monitors so much more. It gives detailed analysis on calories, energy spent, keeps a record of results, gives warning bells, and other functions.  It has become a must-have tool for the competitive athlete.     – – – – – –

The first wireless  Heart rate monitor (EKG) was invented in 1977 as a training aid for a ski team and through the years had developed into newer versions which now  include a microprocessor which is continuously monitoring the EKG and calculating the heart rate, and other parameters. Advancement includes a wide number of receiver designs and with various features. These include average heart rate over exercise period, time in a specific heart rate zone, calories burned, breathing rate, built-in speed and distance, and detailed logging that can be easily downloaded to a computer for better progress monitoring.

Science and technology is truly giving us more ways to be fit and healthy!

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