How to Become a Better Listener

Benefits of Listening (Photo Credit :
Benefits of Listening (Photo Credit :
Benefits of Listening      (Photo Credit :
Benefits of Listening (Photo Credit :

Many people long to be heard, but very few have mastered the art of listening.  There is probably much confusion in the world because there are more speakers than listeners.  What’s worse is that though there are a lot of people who HEAR; yet, very few really ever LISTEN.

Are we taking our ears for granted?  Perhaps, if we know the great things to be gained from having a

perfect set of ears and an attentive mind, the more we will appreciate our sense of hearing.

So, what can be gained from the art of listening?

He who listens well, learn more, gain more respect, is liked by more people, have better relationships, and promotes greater clarity…

The art of listening has a lot to do with the difference between hearing what someone is saying and actually paying full attention to what they are saying. What we simply hear can very easily come in one ear and go out the other, but when we really focus on listening to what another person is saying, something physiological happens to us.  Wow!

 We may register that information physically, emotionally, or intellectually! That is because when that information captures our attention, we involve ourselves with the information that is being shared with us and it is automatically “saved ” in the human computer called “brain”!

Recalling what was heard is like opening the files in our computer brain, and putting the learned things into application is what we can refer to  as a “power point” presentation; the power  to point it out!  (cool, right?)

Here are some tips for becoming a better listener (and be on the winning end!)

The first tip is  when someone else is talking to us, it is important not to interrupt them. It is true that we all have our stories to tell,  but when we are listening to someone else talk.  it should be about them, not about us. So the next time you are listening and have the urge to interrupt them, take a breath and refocus your attention on the other person. You just might learn something important, and at the very least,  the person you are with will appreciate your attentiveness.  e.g. your boss, your friends, your family!

The next tip to being a good listener is to abstain from holding judgment.  Why?  Because the minute our judgment kicks in, our listening usually stops.  Be honest.  Try to recall biased listening situations and you’ll have to agree.

Let’s take the case of one teacher who has been tagged as a perfectionist.  Some students tend to look earnestly for any flaw if only to be convinced that she is not perfect. Our perception of the person is preempted by a negative notion.  That is because, it is hard to pay attention when we become preoccupied with our personal opinion over what we are hearing.

Not fair, right.  Take note that it is most often better to be on the positive side of things.

Moreover, putting aside our judgment puts the other person at ease and helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed, so that they can be open and honest with us.


By becoming a good listener ourselves we set an example for those around us and create a better opportunity for ourselves to be heard.  And on a side note, one of the better benefit of being a good listener is that when we apply these principles to listening to our own inner voice, we gain access to a world of wisdom all our own.

He who listens truly learns more!

As in… no one can steal our inputs, we can have more outputs while not lessening what we have stocked in this wonderful creation called brain!

Happy listening, friends!  Let our ears take us to the wonderful world of listening!

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