Molds in Your Homes… Could Be Making Your Family Sick!

Black Molds at Home (Photo Credit: Myblackmoldremoval)
Black Molds at Home (Photo Credit: Myblackmoldremoval)

Home Sweet Home” ….  or is it “Home Sick Home?”

Check it out. 

You might have been so used to the smell inside your home that nothing smells weird anymore.

Black Molds at Home    (Photo Credit:   Myblackmoldremoval)
Black Molds at Home (Photo Credit: Myblackmoldremoval)

You might have been so busy at work that you’re home just to sleep; finding no time to really take a microscopic look around your home.

Check your health status.   Check your family’s health status.  Are there members in your family who might be experiencing frequent sniffing due to stuffed-up nose?  Could there be trouble breathing and a feeling of congestion around the house?  How about discomfort, varying degrees of headaches, skin allergies and a burning sensation around the  eyes?

Take a really good look around and scale your home from one to ten.  Does your home look clean?  Smell clean?  and feel clean?

Housewife Jenny used to frequent doctors, then later, hospitals because of their two sons who seem to have trouble breathing especially during the wee hours of the morning.

A little girl’s face gets swollen and she would throw up sometimes; headaches have become a regular visitor and yet, doctors find nothing wrong with her.

Daddy has burning itchy eyes when at home. He often sneezes and have runny nose.  Something that he doesn’t have when he is at work.

Big sister has rashes and often complained of having burning sensation in some parts of her skin, especially when she lies on their couch; but never when she was in school.

Sounds familiar with any, … or all of the above?

Have your home checked immediately and be relieved of worrisome health (and financial) conditions.  There could be molds and fungus in your home which might not be visible to your eyes, but they are there!  Because, yes… it is possible to have molds and bacteria in your home and not know it because you don’t see it (or just don’t take notice). You could have elevated levels of mold spores in your kitchen, living room, in your relaxing couch and bedroom; or just about everywhere.

The Clues:
  • Mold on surfaces  –  bulging walls or ceilings; discoloration or peeling/bubbling paint on
    Molds on Ceilings    (Photo Credit:
    Molds on Ceilings (Photo Credit:

    your interior house; roof leaks  and broken pipes, moist basement that has a musty smell.

  • Frequent attacks of physical symptoms like wheezing and sneezing, runny noses, red eyes, rashes on your skin, itching and restlessness, burning sensations on skin, difficulty breathing at home, asthma attacks, frequent headaches, low-grade fever that keeps coming back, nausea (hopefully none the worse)

Possible Cause:

” Fungus, germs, bed bugs, bacteria … and molds, molds, molds.”

A number of medical professionals say that molds and fungus are indirectly responsible for 65% of all illnesses.   We don’t have to smell or see mold for it to affect our health. Toxic molds and fungi may be present inside our homes and are making us sick gradually; or seriously ill all of a sudden due to black mold poisoning caused by the highly toxic Stachybotrys black mold.

Germs, bed bugs and bacteria are all disease-causing elements that we have to watch out for, too.

What to do:

  • Clean your homes regularly, especially the kitchen and bathroom/toilet.  Dispose items that have become mold-infested, bug-infested and dust/dirt holders.
  • Get rid of the culprits  that have invaded your home, like mold spores, dust mites,  animal dander and also cockroaches!
  • Clean up your stockroom and make sure your storage boxes are dry and kept in one place, regularly sprayed and cleaned.
  • Remove all boxes and things under beds, tables and chairs. (In other words, get organized!)
  • Maintain your carpets well (or better yet, eliminate carpets totally if you don’t have regular time to clean them thoroughly)
  • Air-dry everything. Germs do not like dryness and prevents them from growing
  • Renovate your home for proper maintenance if it’s already old and badly in need of overall repair; making sure there are no wet or moist places left unattended to..

It is better to take preventative steps to keep these nuisance and health threats at bay.

In short, give your home the total clean-up and welcome health and wellness!


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