Are E-Cigarettes the Answer to Quitting?

Electgronic Cigarettes (Photo credit : Tmuic)
Electgronic Cigarettes (Photo credit : Tmuic)
Electgronic Cigarettes (Photo credit : Tmuic)

Overcoming the nicotine habit has been a dilemma to countless smokers.  So many people  want  to get rid of  the addiction to nicotine within themselves and in their family members; only  to fall back into the trap again a few weeks or months later. Because  temptation is everywhere, relapse has always been a gigantic adversary.  Add weak self-control there, and the tobacco companies are able to relax.  Business as usual.

So, there are people who had been smoking for, say, twenty or thirty years.  Half of their mind wants to stop the habit; the half wants to keep puffing.  There are numerous health-consciousness slogans everywhere, and environmentalists are continuing to lobby and pointing their fingers at the smoker-belchers!  Are you one of them magic dragons??

The smokers may feel remorse; but are still unable to quit the habit.  Prices on cigarettes had soared many times, but smokers are still buying.   How to make them stop is a challenge that continues.

Out of that challenge arose an optional solution; perhaps associated with an old adage, “if you can’t lick ’em, join ’em”, but slightly changed into “if you can’t lick ’em, at least make them puff e-cigarette?”  Lol!

 The e-cigarette concept  was created with smokers  in mind, yes…. AND second-hand smokers, too!  Apparently, the biggest benefit  to both smokers and non-smokers is the fact that there’s actually zero smoke when using the e-cigarettes; somehow making it into a harmless habit now.  Non-smoking people will appreciate the  smokelessness! And the smokers will become smoke-free smokers!

E-cigarettes has sponge-like materials which contain  watery substrate for a nicotine and a solution, which, when  heated,  produces  water vapor tinged with nicotine and optional flavoring.  The inhaled water vapor is harmless; compared with the smoke from use of traditional cigarettes which contains several chemicals such as acetic acid, caffeine, ammonia, and carbon monoxide. When exhaled, the water vapor is pretty much similar to actual smoking except that no smoke will get into your eyes, and there wouldn’t be  smelly hair or clothes anymore.  There would be no polluted rooms, or offices.

According to e-cigarette users, these  can be used just about anywhere they go; calming those nicotine cravings at any time.   There are apparently  several flavors and nicotine levels to choose from and makes e-cigarettes a lot more enticing than the usual tobacco product.

 The primary  purpose for which it was brought into existence was to provide a better alternative to tobacco smoking by reducing adverse health effects for the smoker and the people around, and making the environment less polluted and less foul-smelling.  But to make smokers quit eventually?    Well, that is one goal that has to be surveyed.  But talking to a number of e-cigarettes patrons, it looks like e-cigs is becoming a fashion trend in itself; what with all the designs and colors to choose from!

 We asked a few smoker friends; E-cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes? Well, the more sophisticated, less expensive to maintain, and “healthier choice”, they said  is the e-cigarettes.  Because if you can’t really kick smoking out of your system, the best way to smoke your life away  is through the vaporized e-cig way!

If the smokers can’t be licked; then,  they just have to shift to e-cigs???

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