Liposuction – To Have or Not to Have

Suction-assisted lipectomy of bilateral outer thighs (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Suction-assisted lipectomy of bilateral outer thighs (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Several years ago, liposuction was looked upon as a celebrity thing and a necessary task  for those who wanted to make a comeback in the entertainment world.  It was for stars who gained unwanted bulges that the camera could not hide.  Or for wannabe’s who hope to stun the audience with their new amazing figures.  Likewise, it was  for the rich and famous who just can’t afford to be  publicly seen doing injustices to their signature clothes. Generally, liposuction was conceived as a necessary surgical procedure for the sake of stardom, glamour and reputation by the lucky few who could well afford it.

Suction-assisted lipectomy of bilateral outer thighs   (Photo Credit:  Wikipedia)
Suction-assisted lipectomy of bilateral outer thighs (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

However,  time continues to bring change to the world. Liposuction is not as exclusive as it was before; more and more people are viewing it as a simple and regular privilege for those who are willing and determined to look good and sexier; and as follows, to feel good, too?

More and more obese and not-so-obese people are finding ways to afford the exorbitant amount needed into their budget.  If it’s to feed their ego or  simply wanting to look their best is not a matter of concern to the rest of the world anymore.  To each his own, indeed!   If you want something, go for it; says a majority of people.

But is it really safe for you?

Liposuction was considered a medical breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery; however, there were reported incidents of not-so-successful operations which resulted to tears, regrets, health issues and lawsuits. For all its worth, liposuction is defined as a cosmetic surgery operation which eliminates or lessen fat from many different sites on the human body usually ranging from the thighs, buttocks,abdomen,  neck, and back of arms; BUT, it doesn’t cover everyone who has fat in their body.  In simple words, liposuction is not recommended to everyone, for various reasons.   On a precautionary note, please get it into your head that liposuction is not a cure for generalized obesity!  More over, liposuction is a medical procedure; hence,  there are risks involved and some complications may happen upon having liposuction.

Would you be willing to take the risks?

 It’s always best to take the necessary precautions before you decide on undergoing liposuction. Ask your doctor if it’s safe for you or not; and get real answers from the experts!  Moreover, ask around, search the net,  read blogs and articles related to it.  Safety relates not only to the amount of fat you want removed, but more so with your overall health. You have to be really fit and qualified. For what it’s worth, your spirit may be willing; but, your body might not be .  If your overall health is  magnificent despite the bulks here and there, well, then, congratulations might be in place.

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