How to get Slimmer while Shopping

Read the labels and compare. They're there for a purpose. photo credits from getty

No , it’s not just shopping til you drop because that’s gonna burn out your credit card too.

Here’s some surefire ways  to control your spending  and your cravings while shopping.

1. Before you set out for the supermarket, plan three easy healthy meals for the coming week, and make a note of  all the ingredients that you don’t have on your fridge.  This  way, you’ll avoid scanning each aisle  or  aisle hopping thinking  of what else  you might  have  forgotten  and  you’ll also avoid  the last-minute take-out dinner solution.

2. Don’t shop hungry. Eat before you shop, or enjoy a piece of fruit while you peruse  the aisles. Resisting the tempting aromas wafting from the bakery is doubly hard when your tummy is already growling. Shopping hungry also makes you want  to hoard on all  the food  you’ll  see  in the grocery and end up buying  stuff that you con’t really need.

3. Shop alone if possible. Kids and your partner don’t care what’s on your list. If they want that sugary cereal , prime rib or  pork cutlets, they’ll push to get it or probably sneak it into the cart. Besides, shopping solo gives you time to read nutrition labels  thoroughly and compare health benefits without any interruption. Shopping  alone also allows you to pick out  the healthiest option at cheaper prices.

Read the labels and compare. They're there for a purpose. photo credits from getty

4. Think about ways to make eating fruits and vegetables easier and more palatable.  No time  to prepare salads? Look for precut and prewashed options. Buying fruits and vegetables individually are much more expensive compared to precut  ones. Not a fan of carrots? Buy a bag of diced carrots  and mix them in your buttered vegetables. Or you can buy shredded carrots and mix them into a muffin recipe (it won’t make any significant difference on the taste!) Do you find it tedious to chomp on pumpkins? Opt to get those pumpkin soup in cans so you won’t  need to chew it but at the same time enjoy it’s health benefits.

Try to include brightly hued fruits and veggies such as carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and oranges in you diet.  These are rich in phytonutrients which may prevent certain cancers and heart diseases.

Explore new options. Check out one veggie you’ve never tried before and  find a recipe  for it. Who knows? You might stumble into your new favorites.

5.Look up and down. Manufacturers pay a hefty price for product placement on eye-level shelves. That means food in your line of sight are probably trendy best sellers but not necessarily healthy.  Scan upper and lower  shelves to find the reduced-fat, no sugar added, low- sodium options you seek.

6.Choose a self-checkout aisle. One market analysis found that grocery shoppers buy junk food 45 percent less often from check out aisles, most likely because we’re not staring at the candy rack while the cashier computes and bags your goodies. Grab a magazine to distract yourself from all the chocolate and candy bars. Bars are convenient, but they’re often high in sugar and low in fiber. Do not let your eyes wander  and pay attention to your groceries, checking  if  the prices matched  to that  of their  labeled  or suggested retail prices.

Happy shopping and enjoy slimming down!

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