Are Colored Contact Lens Safe to Use? (Fashion Lens)

Fashion and Colored Lens (Photo Credit: Johnmathison2k10.blogspot)
Fashion and Colored Lens (Photo Credit: Johnmathison2k10.blogspot)

Are colored contact lens safe?

My friend was in a state of shock yesterday. Her daughter, who just turned 18, suddenly declared she’ll buy a pair of colored contact lens with her birthday cash.  She said it so matter-of-factly; like it was a very usual thing.

Fashion and Colored Lens  (Photo Credit:    Johnmathison2k10.blogspot)
Fashion and Colored Lens (Photo Credit: Johnmathison2k10.blogspot)

So stunned, it left her worried all night.  What got into her daughter’s head?  What does she hope to achieve with that?  Wouldn’t she hurt her eyes with those?  Are they safe to use? 

Years ago, contact lenses were created for purposes of vision correction, convenience and better look.  But times have changed a lot of things and contact lenses have now become fashion lens, too, and is also termed as eye accessories.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  Oh my!  They come in all colors of the rainbow. Dual and triple color Plano lenses, Twilight contact lenses, opaque and enhancer contact lenses, and also Halloween and special effects lens which some sites call crazy lens, but otherwise described as amazing special effect designs! (Anything crazy is now amazing?)

But are they safe to use? 

Yes, they are.  Contact lenses have now been used for years and their safety and usefulness has been well established; however, some people has disclosed that coloured contacts  might cause problems. True – when safety rules have not been followed to the dot!

Two main reasons why color contacts can cause  eye problems, but both can be easily avoided.

  • Buying coloured contacts of inferior quality and without a doctor’s prescription 
  • Improper care for your color lenses

There are many readily available color contacts online and on flea markets, BUT are you assured of the quality and legitimacy?  Most paint materials are very toxic and when improperly manufactured by illegitimate producers, your sensitive eyes might be damaged by poorly structured lenses.   Those amazing contacts  might look good on you and cost less than brand-name color contacts, but they could pose real danger for your eyes. Coloured contact lenses sold without a doctor’s prescription usually fail to meet standard requirements.

Proper care calls for caution, too.  Because coloured contacts are usually worn for fashion reasons and not for medical necessity, it is highly recommended NOT to be worn for extended periods of time as they could increase the risk of eye damage like drying eyes.

 Disposable daily contacts are meant to be discarded after one use, and as such, although you might feel you can reuse them, don’t take the chance as they are NOT designed for reuse. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Some mistakes, no matter how small, just can’t be undone anymore.

Reusable contacts, on the other hand, require extreme caution because they are repeatedly put in and out of your eyes.  Disinfecting them with the appropriate solutions as per instructions are a must.  Invasion of potentially dangerous pathogens which are microscopic in size can truly harm your eyes.  You are advised never to share your lens, never to sleep with your lens on and your hands should always be very clean before you put your lens.

To reiterate:

  1. If you’re planning to have “colored eyes”, whether for fun or for prettier vision correction, be sure to get a prescription first because contact lens are a medical device, and there is no such thing as one-size-for-everyone.  Eye care professionals have to measure the curve and shape of eyes for best and comfortable fit; and if some people you know have been lucky users without prescriptions, well, that’s just it.  They’ve been lucky; wish they stay lucky though.
  2. Having colored contact lenses won’t damage your eyesight even if you 20/20 vision; as long as you buy superior quality lenses from legitimate and reputable lens retailer/manufacturer  following a prescription from qualified eye healthcare providers and practice proper handling, cleaning, wear time and replacement guidelines.
  3. Never ever share, borrow, swap or lend your contact lenses  with another as various eye infections, discomfort and possible corneal abrasions could take place.
  4. Likewise, stay out of grilling areas as smoke particles can get lodged underneath your contact lenses and  irritate your eyes.  Getting too close to the hot objects like grills and campfire  might damage  your lens; to quote one woman in 2009, ” I’ve had my contacts stuck to my eyes and had to have them removed  after camping. They assumed it was a combination of being too close to the campfire & wearing them for a few days straight.”
  5. Never swim or take a shower with your color lenses on because water can invite bacteria into your eyes and put you at risk for eye infection.  It’s also so easy to lose your lens in the water!


In all fairness, colored eyes are quite amazing to see (especially when they match the dress

Crazy Lens   (Photo Credit:   Ioffer)
Crazy Lens (Photo Credit: Ioffer)

color).   However, the trendy Crazy contact lenses in different categories:  anime, costume, flag, fancy dress, Gothic, scary, smiley, theatrical ,twilight Halloween, etc. are really so outrageous!  Or is it crazy?  Well, fashion can be so unpredictable.  I wonder what the  next fad will be?    ^__^

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