Brace Yourself for BRACES

Braces (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Braces (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

 Want to brace yourself towards a close-up smile?

In my heydays, braces were a horrible thing to wear; such that, those who have them almost

Braces   (Photo Credit:  Wikipedia)
Braces (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

never smile.  The teasing of peers cause a certain traumatic experience; especially after being called names such as piranha – the killer fish, or Jaws – the assassin with stainless steel teeth in a  James Bond movie from long ago.

If you have those braces, you are a daily laughing stock especially when food bits get caught in the braces.  Belonging to an elite or above average family doesn’t save you from humiliation.  Kids don’t care about how expensive they are.  You are one big joke – period.

But hey!  What’s this turn-around of things?  From being a social stigma, the steel braces thing has become a thing of fashion?  As in – a privilege that is only for the rich and famous and —– those who are willing to raise the big dough.  You  have them and suddenly your peers go Wow?  Has the world gone crazy?

No; the world hasn’t gone crazy.  It’s just that values, it appears, are constantly changing with the times; especially when celebrities (who are such a big influence on society) start challenging the norms, and eventually cause some changes called trending.  Britney Spears and Tom Cruise are just two among the celebrities who sported a braced smile.

Whereas, before, braces used to make people shy away, now, they make people parade with a smile that reaches from ear to ear.  From former “yaiks”, the impression has turned into “cool”. Dental consultants and orthodontists are finding themselves busier than ever especially with the onset of fashion braces; however, despite the rising demand, they are saying that there has to be a qualified need based on dental health grounds.  Otherwise, they are not advising braces for the sake of status showmanship.  That is called professional ethics.

Braces are generally meant to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, and other flaws of the teeth and jaw so that there can be a perfect bite as well as a perfect smile; while also striving  to improve dental health.  However, keep in mind that not every dentist is qualified to put braces; so make sure that a qualified dental specialist or orthodontist work on your braces; and make sure that visits are properly followed according to schedule in order to avoid relapse, or worse, damage to your teeth.

Braces   (Photo Credit:  Wikipedia)
Before and After Photos following Orthodontic Treatment with Removable Dental Braces (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

There are certain complications and risks involved in having braces which you have to be aware of :

  • Changes may take place in the shape of your face, jaw and cheekbones.   It is necessary for a patient to understand these potential changes before starting treatment.
  • Plaque forms easily when food gets in and around braces, thereby making it very necessary to observe proper oral hygiene by thorough brushing and flossing to avoid tooth decay and decalcification (loss of calcium salts) as well as color changes to your teeth.  This means that you have to be very meticulous and patient with your dental care.
  • Mouth sores are common after some time; which may be triggered by irritation from components of the braces. However, don’t lose heart because there are many products to relieve you from discomfort:  oral rinses, dental wax or dental silicone, and other prescriptions to help heal sores.
  • Allergic reaction could set in due to the elastics or to the metal used in braces so it will be best notify the orthodontist immediately f that happens.
  • You can still lead a basically normal life when you have braces, but having them inside your mouth doesn’t exempt them from possible damage.  As precautionary measure, you will have to wear a mouth guard to prevent mouth injury or brace breakage when playing sports.
  • Hard  and super sticky food are best not eaten when you have braces; damage to braces could prolong treatment.  If you’ve had problems with regards to dieting, it’s the best time to lose weight.
  • Pain and discomfort usually causes difficulty eating for some time, so soft foods are highly advised to prevent additional pressure on teeth.

Nobody said it’s going to be an easy process; but as a note of inspiration, the pain that goes with having your teeth braced will all be worth it, because your future close-up smile might very well turn you into a star  that oozes with confidence and self-esteem.

BUT… if you are just after fashion braces, … think again.  Read the news.

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