Love Your Feet – Remove Those Dead Skin Called Calluses

Calloused feet (Photo Credit:
Calloused feet (Photo Credit:

Many people take their feet for granted; forgetting that those two feet literally carry their weight.  Why not give them the care they also deserve?  Why not make them more ache-free and more pretty to look at?  People rely on pedicure to make their nails look clean and neat.  But…  how about some “happy feet?”

Calloused feet  (Photo Credit:
Calloused feet (Photo Credit:

Look at those two feet.  Check them regularly.  Are they awesome?  Or are they an awful sight?  Do you have corns and calluses?  Cracked skin on your feet?  If you see or feel something worrisome, perhaps you should see a podiatrist or primary care doctors for your foot problems. They will be the ones to recommend you to special doctors if ever there are anything more serious.  (Hopefully none!)

However, if all you can conclude is that your feet have corns and calluses, well and good.  You can start caring for them  yourself right away.  But first, learn these foot care tips:

  • Keep blood circulating to your feet.  You can do this by gently massaging your feet every once in a while, taking warm foot baths, walking,  stretching and doing foot exercises, and putting your feet up when you are lying down or sitting.
  • Avoid poorly fitted shoes.  Comfortable shoes helps to prevent foot ailments.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting, especially with legs crossed or indian-sit.
  • Avoid exposing your feet to cold temperature; likewise, wet shoes and socks.
  • Let your feet enjoy some foot scrub once in a while.  (You’ll enjoy it, too!)
  • Practice proper foot hygiene to avoid athlete’s foot, feet ailments and foul smell.
  • Avoid smoking; nicotine can get to your nerves, down to your feet.
  • If you do not have corn or callus on your feet, well and good, but a good daily foot-soaking at the end of the day is still recommended.  Other than being a relaxing treat, doing so will keep your feet soft and less prone to calluses.
  • Treat those corns and calluses if you have them.  Yes, you can do them yourselves!

Surely, you know what calluses and corns are?  Those areas of skin that has thickened and hardened on the bottom or sides of our feet, which at their worst can cause us pain or infection. Hard calluses are those caused by pressure from wearing tight shoes or less comfortable footwear.  Soft calluses are those between two toes caused by heat and moisture.  Corns are the highly concentrated cone-shaped calluses.

Very thick calluses are best removed by a podiatrist because of the dangers of cutting too deep which could lead to infection.  People with diabetes or hardened leg arteries should never try to treat their own calluses or corns.  If you have a mild case of corns and calluses, you would do well by following these simple tips to remove those unpleasant calluses:

  • Twenty minutes of immersing your feet in lukewarm water with Epsom salt before going to bed.
  • After immersion, make use of a pumice stone or a callus file to get rid of as much callus (which has been softened already) as possible.  But do not scrub too strongly as doing so  may open the callus up to infection.
  • Mix some hydrocortisone cream and Whitfield’s ointment and spread the solution on your calluses and top it with soft plastic, then wear a sock to hold the plastic overnight.In the morning, repeat the pumice stone step and rub off the surface of the callus.  Then apply foot lotion on your feet to avoid drying or chapping.
  • Sugar or salt as foot scrub for your feet calluses is quick and easy, too.  We can get rid of those dead skin that has accumulated over the years.
  • Use corn pads for your corns when you walk to prevent extensive thickening.  These corn pads are elongated donut-shaped bandaids and are designed to provide cushioning around the affected area, so apply it properly on your corns.
  • Foot balms or the ever-famous Vicks rub on your calluses topped with a sock after bath time will moisten and soften those dead skin for easy removal.
  • After removal of your calluses,make sure you wear comfortable shoes and sandals,
    Love Your Feet  (Photo Credit:  Delicate65.deviantart)
    Love Your Feet (Photo Credit: Delicate65.deviantart)

    continue to care for your feet with daily lotion so that those corns and calluses won’t come back again.

Let’s learn to love our feet.   Give it the care it needs!  Remember those babies’ soft and smooth feet which we love to kiss?  Let our feet become kissable, too! ^__^



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