The Alligator Pear (Avocado) Leaves as Cure

The Avocado Leaves (Photo Credit: Nad-ned.blogspot)
The Avocado Leaves (Photo Credit: Nad-ned.blogspot)
The Avocado Leaves  (Photo Credit:      Nad-ned.blogspot)
The Avocado Leaves (Photo Credit: Nad-ned.blogspot)

Alligator pear – is a spherical, pear-shaped, or egg-shaped fruit, commonly known as avocado.  It is consumed worldwide, which means that it’s easy to grow. Not only that, it is very delectable and has been known to cure a number of illnesses, aside from providing a lot of nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. The different parts of avocado tree are used in the treatment of different disorders; and you have probably heard of or prepared several herbal remedies yourself; making use of leaves to ease coughing or treat digestive disorders, expel intestinal worms from the body, or even stimulate hair growth.  Its oil content has also been explored and made into soaps, shampoos and lotions.

You may browse the net for more detailed information on avocado; about its uses, as well as nutrients.  But do you know a simple use for its leaves that is not easily found (or not at all) on the net?  And I am not referring to avocado leaves prepared as tea.  I mean, simple use as in simple.

No grinding, no cutting, no boiling nor sieving.

Older people are said to have wisdom that is not common with the younger generation.  Experience has taught them a lot, and it is up to us whether to grab the threads of wisdom that they share with us or not.  I have chosen to grab a lot, and one of the most valuable healing secret passed on to me was the secret of the avocado leaves as cold absorber, much like the salonpas patch.  The odd thing is, I didn’t even get to know the name of the old woman whose wise advice I am forever grateful for; and the line of mothers and fathers with whom I shared (and continue to share) that valuable piece of information about avocado leaves.

“Devastated” is what I used to describe my frequent mental, emotional and financial state in the late 80s up to the mid- 90s.  Having two asthmatic sons, we frequently ended up with hospital confinement;  then a nebulizer became a necessary part of our daily life. I have sold everything of value to cope up with the expenses and grabbed loans; until that significant day when an older woman approached me, held my hand and told me the power of avocado leaves.

Since then, I made use of avocado leaves with my children and with my own aches myself;  sharing the secret with all the others who used to borrow our nebulizer for their own children.  It was a very simple cure that only required passing the leaves swiftly over a flame and dabbing it lightly with coconut or baby oil before it is patched on the back of my children, to prevent it from sliding out of their shirt. Awake or asleep, it doesn’t matter when you place the leaves; just patch those leaves on the cold part of their back.

The older woman said that those leaves will absorb the cold that causes most asthma attacks, joint pains and stiff necks.  Her parting words: Bring your children to the hospital no more.

Indeed, indeed!

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