Say “YES” to Hot Water!

Hot Water (Image Credit : Hojotea)
Hot Water (Image Credit : Hojotea)

I asked 20 persons  “if they drink hot water daily?”   Their answers were:  “No, never, not at any time of the day, nor once a day, once a week, once a month; as in, NEVER.”

Hot Water     (Image Credit :  Hojotea)
Hot Water (Image Credit : Hojotea)

Why do you ask?  Who’d want to drink hot water unless it’s with coffee, chocolate or some other flavor?” 

Very true.  Who’d enjoy drinking plain hot water?  The  primary purpose of drinking water or any  liquid is to hydrate our body; and the age-old lesson taught us was to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Obviously, cold water is more tempting than hot water (unless you live in Antarctica?).

But …. what if you knew the good things it could do to your body?  Would you reconsider?  Hmm…

The benefits from drinking hot water:

  • When taken first thing in the morning, warm water (not boiling hot, mind you)  (8-10 gulps, a half glass,  or more is recommended)

1) cleanses out the kidneys

2) stimulates the glands and prepares the stomach for breakfast

3) promotes better bowel movement

4) helps in restoring the moisture that was lost from the body during sleep

5) soothes the insides of our body and helps in keeping it warm before bathtime

  • The most important benefit of drinking hot water is that it improves blood circulation.
  • When we sweat from drinking hot water, we are helping to purify our bloodstreams. We literally sweat out the toxins which have built up in our body.  (Drinking hot water feels  like going to a sauna!)
  • Drinking hot water after meals reduces cancer risk  because it melts the fats from food; unlike cold water which will solidify the fatty foods  in our meal and may cause colon problems.
  • According to some studies, drinking hot water somehow remove deposits which have built up in our nervous system. Such deposits  create negative thoughts and emotions; so when removed puts us in a better emotional state.
  • Drinking hot water at least once or two  times a week to detoxify is advised, but you can do it more often.  (Remember, water shouldn’t be SO hot.)
  • Drinking hot water aids in cleansing the nasal cavities, loosens mucus build up; hence, help you to become less congested.
  • When you’re sick, hot water intake will make you sweat out body toxins for quicker recovery.

Important truths about our body in relation to water intake:

  • Normal bowel movement is necessary   because the longer food remains in the intestines, the higher the rate of decay and likelihood of intestinal impaction, fistula or hemorrhoids. This means that drinking hot water helps to regularly release our bowel.
  • Plain, clear water cannot be adequately replaced with fruit juices or water in our daily food.
  • Drinking water 15-20 minutes after meals is considered ideal.  Drinking water during or directly after meal is not advisable as it dissolves enzymes and acids that are secreted to help digestion.
  • Sweating makes our bodies cool down.  So, the next time you have a fever, drink some hot water. (The reason why our mothers make us take hot chicken soup when we have a high fever?)
  • Learn to enjoy drinking plentiful amounts of water, not so much during meals, but often between meals;  at least half  hour or more before meals. Drinking plenty of water at mealtime dilutes the gastric juices and may slow the digestion process.
  • A glass of cool water (not cold) can hold off hunger until meal time (it slows down the digestion process so you won’t feel the hunger pangs so much).
  • If dieting, drinking several glasses of water an hour before meals reduces hunger and lessens the amount of food we would normally eat.
  • Too cold or too hot drinks are not commendable at any time; not good for the digestive system because they vary so much from the body’s temperature and might cause shock to the system.
  • Very cold drinks or food are not great for the teeth, according to dentists.
  • People who often take VERY hot drinks are prone to throat cancer and digestive problems.

By the way, if taking plain hot water isn’t so appealing to you, you may sometimes add honey and lemon to your water to lend it  a better taste while boosting the immunity of your body. Otherwise, plain hot water drinking just need a little bit of getting used to and a change in the habit.  If it’s good for you, why not?

By this time, perhaps you can now say  “YES” to hot water?


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