On Burps and Belching – Is it All Right?

Burping (Photo Credit: Ranscultural.wordpress)
Burping (Photo Credit: Ranscultural.wordpress)

What is a sign of satisfaction in the east and barbarism in the west?  Hmm… yes, it’s a burp! 

Some people are not aware that burping is also synonymous with belching; the only difference is

Burping  (Photo Credit:  Ranscultural.wordpress)
Burping (Photo Credit: Ranscultural.wordpress)


  • burps are usually caused by intake of carbonated drinks like soft drinks, beer, champagne or energy drinks, wherein carbon dioxide from the drink itself comprises the expelled gas.
  • On the other hand, belching  is usually caused by swallowed air when we eat or drink and subsequently expelling gas which is mainly a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.

Burps and belching is the release of gas from the digestive tract, esophagus and stomach through the mouth and is normally accompanied by a typical sound and sometimes, a not-so-pleasant smell.

In other words, burps or belches are simply the sound of gas leaving our body.Those are the bubbles from carbon dioxide present in the carbonated drinks we take in and the amount of air we can’t help but swallow when we eat.

Babies are very prone to burping, too, right.  It’s because of the accumulation of gas in their tummy while they feed and unless burped, the baby suffers discomfort and becomes agitated.  That is why we need to make babies burp.  Same goes for adults who don’t find it easy to burp.  But unlike babies, we have to help ourselves burp, or else become bloated with accumulated gas.

Now that we know that a little burping is normal.. how about if it’s excessive burping?  Now, that doesn’t  sound pleasant, right?  The humiliation from burping every now and then during a meeting?  A class?  A presentation?  Omg!  It would be like farting every now and then.  Shucks!

What we need to know about Excessive Burping:

  • Because carbonated drinks like sodas and beer are the common culprits, you are advised to refrain from drinking such for some time and switch to water or non-carbonated drinks.
  • If you know someone who eats noisily, as in chew with mouth open (socially unacceptable, by the way) or talks a lot while eating, you should notice that they usually burp a lot or burp long.  Remember to chew food well with mouth closed and to swallow food before you talk (if you can’t wait ’til later to say something).
  • If you’re frequently on chewing gum, take a halt or lessen that chewing which causes you to swallow so much air.
  • Take notice of the food you eat and what makes you burp excessively.  Because our digestive system reacts differently to food we eat, what is unpleasant to one may not be the same with another. You then become aware of what not to eat before a meeting, a presentation or whatever you’ve got on schedule. I, for one, burp a lot after eating even just a piece of candy!
  • Anxious people do not realize it, but when stressed, some people do swallow much air unknowingly and then belches a lot.  Pay particular attention to that when you feel stressed.  You can try to relax and do some exercise to help with lessening those belches, plus it’s really good for your overall health.
  • If we do not burp, we would be like parade balloons; which means we really have to burp to release those trapped gas in our digestive system.  If it has become quite frequent and causes us to say excuse me a lot of times, don’t worry; excessive burping doesn’t connect with any serious illness.  BUT … if burping is accompanied by pain in the abdominal part, that is the time to be concerned!  Belching and burps combined with other symptoms like dyspepsia, heartburn and nausea could be an indication of an  ulcer or hernia; or probably caused by some medications you take.  You should see your doctor immediately.

And if you’re visiting a family with a different belief about burping, make sure you do not burp; because there are some people who will expect you stop eating after you burp.  To some people, it’s a sign of satisfaction and that you’ve had your fill!  Ahahaha


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