5 Tips on How to Make Music Your Daily Mood Setter (And Be Amazed!)

Music Therapy (Photo Credit: Jobsfornurses)
Music Therapy (Photo Credit: Jobsfornurses)
Music Therapy (Photo Credit: Jobsfornurses)
Music Therapy (Photo Credit: Jobsfornurses)

It has been said time and again that “Laughter is the best medicine.”  But we can’t be laughing ALL the time, right? That would make us look (and feel)  like fools. Besides, medicine is for sickness; and we are not always sick (good thing!).  The more usual challenge we have is ‘facing everyday’ ….  yes.  Those days when we have to pull ourselves out of our warm and cozy beds in order to go to work, prepare breakfast, get the kids ready, etc.  Hohummmm.

Come work time, exercise time, garden time or cleaning time … Too often, those mundane chores  need a lot of attraction to make us do them with a smile.  (sighhhh… searching for energy to start any of it?)

Well, to be in a jovial and inspired mood most of the time (if not all the time) will certainly work to our advantage!  How about we try music therapy?

I don’t need to tell you what music is.  ^__^  But let me tell you how music can set your mood everyday.  Yes, every day!  Try it for a week and see for yourself how every day seems to drift by happily, and with more tasks accomplished with a smile this long …  ^______^

It has been proven that music has a profound effect on our body and psyche; such that, there’s now a growing field of health care termed as “music therapy”, aiming to heal and perk up seemingly doomed or drowned spirits.  Well, we don’t need to be sick in order to take avail of music therapy.  Rather, let’s make music therapy keep us out of  sick beds and get more done, with energy!

Tip No. 1 –  Play an upbeat music to start your day!

Once you’re up, take a good few, deep breaths, whether it’s sunny, or raining or snowing.  Then head for that player, radio, whatever and belt out a couple of upbeat songs. Don’t worry about whether you’re in tune, or getting the words right, just let it go and release the energy.  You go and try dancing under the shower; bring yourself to match the music.  Footloose by Kenny Loggins has never failed me. ” Been working so hard, … foot loose, foot loose….Oh yeah!”

Tip No. 2 – Play relaxing music for work or for the office.

If you’ve been experiencing overwhelming thoughts about economy, your job, sleeping poorly,
feeling anxious, worried about things, feeling tired, can’t concentrate, is less productive, experiencing frequent headaches, then you should try music therapy at work, too.

If you’re thinking that music will disrupt your work, stop those thoughts.  Negativity will instantly drive you away from your goal of  “focused fulfilling work”.  Many of us are faced with repetitious work, you know, so repetitious that we can do our tasks with eyes closed, so to speak; piles of paper work, boxes to be filled, whatever.  Try and have some relaxing piano pieces or  some instrumental ones.  They’re called “brain music” and termed as brain music therapy.  Music by Bach, Beethoven; it’s up to you.  Set some time to make a list or search for music suggestions on the net!  Hmmm….

The first time you do that, don’t conclude it’s not for you.  Train yourself to b less uptight and just let it’s magic work for you gradually, ok?  (winks)

Tip No. 3 – Play real upbeat work out music or videos for your sweat-it-out time.

A lot of people we know can’t find the energy to start out on their pledge to “get fit”, whether at home or elsewhere, especially if they’re going solo or they have no time to go to the gym.  Well, perk yourself up!  You don’t need anyone to push you.  Just have those beat music ready and get into the groove!  There’s a lot of  Zumba dance music on the net!  Let’s get physical!

Tip No. 4 – Play some  of your personal fave music while doing your chores!

Chores take a lot of our energy (most people say that ^_^ ), but actually, chores just make us feel like it’s taking a lot of our time and energy BECAUSE we don’t usually enjoy the tedious task of  doing those chores: washing clothes, brushing carpets, sweeping and mopping floors, clearing the garden weeds, washing pots and pans (arghhh), etc.  How to enjoy them?  Yes, have some music that you like, that you know, ones you can sing with… and before you know it, your tasks are done!  (Just make sure not to play  music that will remind you of past hurts and pains.  Uh-oh!

My daughter calls me “one crazy mom” because I sway and sing while I soap and wash the dishes, pots and pans!  (Nobody wants to do it, so I decided to enjoy myself each time.)  Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” has never failed to prod me to wash with vigor!  Ahahaha

Tip No. 5 – Play sleep music at bedtime.

Not everyone is dead tired when they hit the sack.  Some people find it hard to sleep for various reasons:   stress-filled day, anxiety for the next day, brains that won’t stop thinking, etc.  Try and soothe your mind and body with sleep music.  NEVER play music with lyrics; your mind will sing with it.  I found this link with 8 songs that will put you to sleep.  Oh yeah!


The most jovial (and younger-looking) people I know are those who love music.  When they have no access to radios, players or what-have-yous, they MAKE music themselves. and you’d hear them humming or singing while they pull the weeds, wait for the bus, rake the leaves, or even while they bathe.  Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a grumpy person sing or hum.  Hmmmm….

Anyway…, if after a week of strictly-applying-music-therapy-in-your-daily-life didn’t work for  you, don’t blame it on the music.  You haven’t tried harder!  ^__^

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