10 Practices We Didn’t Know Are Good for Us

Health Boosters (Photo Credit: Vincentwoon.posterous)
Health Boosters (Photo Credit: Vincentwoon.posterous)
Health Boosters      (Photo Credit:    Vincentwoon.posterous)
Health Boosters (Photo Credit: Vincentwoon.posterous)

There are a lot of common things we do on a regular basis which we somehow believe has no relevance.  Or some things we do that we thought of as “not good for us.”   Surprisingly, these common things that we do could boost our health, or actually be good for us.  Let’s check them out:

Browsing the NET:

Ever heard of the line “Use it or lose it?”  The findings of a new study tell us the protective effects of an active cognitive lifestyle arise through multiple biological pathways. For some time researchers have been aware of a link between what we do with our brains and the long-term risk for dementia. In general, those who are more mentally active or maintain an active cognitive lifestyle throughout their lives are at lower risk, and so browsing the net and continuously challenging and making use of one’s brain stimulates the areas that control language and memory as well as helping to improve decision-making and complex reasoning!  So give those middle-aged and older persons more access to surf the net.  Oh yeah!

Picture, picture!

With the emergence of social networks, taking pictures has become viral, so to speak.  Those who are not fond of storing memories though photographs are actually losing the chance to boost happiness levels and health through looking at photographs.  Research tell us that recalling good memories and having a positive view of the past holidays or occasions certainly boost one’s health.  As per memory studies, it was found that people find it easier to recall bad memories than good ones.   So if you have a hard time focusing on the happy ones, remember that looking at pictures of holidays and special pictures are sure to bring you surge of joy!  Gee!  Wacky, wacky!

Music For Every Day:

Music therapy is used by health care providers for their patients and special children.  But do you know that we do not have to be sick to use music as therapy?  Having music in our daily life affects fitness and we may not be aware of it!  Music helps a lot in setting our moods because it impacts our psychological perception of the activity we are doing, and likewise, our so-called staying power.  Have you noticed how lighter chores are when you are doing them with music?  How enjoyable exercises are when there is music?  It’s our energy booster!  “Footloose, footloose…”

Household Chores:

Who’d say that their favorite pastime is doing household chores?  Aww… i won’t.  But do you now that keeping your haven clean and orderly actually helps you to stay healthy, after regularly shedding those extra pounds?   One research funded by Cancer Research UK divulged that doing house chores can lower the risk of breast cancer  by 30% in premenopausal women and lower in those undergoing post-menopause.  Which is great news!  Now, we women could enjoy those house chores more! “Whistle a happy tune, tralalala….”

Having Friends:

Those of us who already have great friends in our life don’t have second thoughts that great friends are actually health boosters, right.  Now, it is backed by research which tells us our friends  help us live longer by reducing feelings of depression, stress and risky behavior, and encouraging us to look after our health. With our friends, joy becomes double and stress, when shared become half.  Just make sure you’ve got the right friends, not fiends!

Getting Married:

Those who are married live longer than the single ones due to the fact they experience less social isolation; such was the result of studies and statistics.  In a study of over 1.5 million men and women, it was found that having one to two children reduces  risk of numerous conditions including cancer, alcoholism and heart disease.  While there are obligations and responsibilities entailed with raising a family, it looks like that the emotional rewards promote more health benefits.  Not to mention the benefits that physical marital union gives. Singles… be aware!


Stress in short bursts can actually strengthen our immune system.  Really?  Oh wow…  In cases of acute stress, the body prepares itself for danger or threat, the so-called the fight-or-flight response, through the release of hormones including cortisol, which causes a short-term boost to the immune system. So don’t worry if you find yourself stressed once in a while; like preparing for a competition, needing to give a speech or being stressed by an errant son.  Lol.  Be consoled that stress may be doing our immune system a boost! Hello, stress!  ^__^

Drinking Beer:

Yes, believe it or not, drinking beer in moderation could actually have more health benefits than red wine, according to research studies. Word is out that moderate consumption of beer actually  helps in reducing risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia and stroke. Although we always associate beer-drinking with bulging bellies, beer is rich in many nutrients such as magnesium, selenium and B vitamins.  Beer also contains a cancer-fighting compound.  So don’t fret if your husband or father (or even yourself) drinks beer in moderation or occasionally!  Cheers, beer buddies!

Shedding Tears:

Yes, indeed, shedding some tears also does wonders for our health. Crying helps us to  release the chemicals that build up in our bodies during times of stress, and it also washes away dirt elements in our eyes.  have you also noticed how better we  feel after shedding those tears instead of keeping pent-up emotions bottled inside of us?  Worry no more!  It’s ok to cry over sad movies and cutting onions!  Boo-hoo-hoo!

Getting Dirty:

Contrary to popular belief, being so clean and sterile doesn’t guarantee you great  health.  Grandma used to say that a little dirt would be good for us, remember?  Research assures us now  that exposure to friendly bacteria found in soil can actually help boost the immune system and alleviate depression.  So don’t worry your heart out if you see your child running on soil or tripping on grass and becoming dirty.  In fact, why not join your child?  Going barefoot has been advised before.  Now, even running barefoot is trending!  Whoa!  Giddy yup, indians!

Shaking a Big Butt

Instead of looking at our big butts in the mirror and giving out a long sigh of disgust, now we can smile at it!  Studies show that fat stored in our enormous butt mops up harmful fatty acids, contains an anti-inflammatory that prevents arteries from clogging, and cuts your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  Yell with me…  I love my ass!

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