Nine Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally (Minus Energy Drinks)

Energy Drinks (Photo credit: Idealflickr)
Energy Drinks (Photo credit: Idealflickr)
Energy Drinks      (Photo credit:      Idealflickr)
Energy Drinks (Photo credit: Idealflickr)

There are soooo many bottles of energy drinks on our garage floor.  How many times do I have to tell these sons of mine not to depend on those energy drinks every day of their life??? 

Assuming it really gives you energy for some workout or any task, but how about having too much of that?  Won’t there be health problems?  Too much of anything is not good for the body; especially with the numerous contents of that drink, namely:  Caffeine,Taurine, Guarana, B Vitamins, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Yerba Mate, Acai Berry, L-Carnitine,  Antioxidants,  Glucuronolactone,  Creatin, Milk Thistle, L-theanine, Inositol, Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners.   (Whew!  Such a long list!  And to think all that goes into your energy drinks!)

A lot of people we know are hooked on energy drinks as their jolting solution.  We didn’t have them in the past; but it doesn’t follow that we had less energy then, isn’t that right?

How about we redirect our focus on natural energy boosters which have been proven to work?

Here goes:

  • Burst of morning light from outside your home

Yes, it’s also called sunshine, or morning brightness, or what scientists refer to as dawn signal.  Jolt yourself to the brightness of the day, whereby a jolt from suddenly seeing morning light will make you feel like a jolted vampire, activating special cells in your eyes which  extends to the brain and perks it up.  (Keep in mind, Twilight.)

  • Sunny lunch break

Trust the midday sun to wake you up.  Having lunch in a sunlit room, preferably sit beside a window for at least half of an hour will make you more wide awake, promise!  In a study, results showed that those who did scored much higher on alertness tests.  (Cool, right?)

  • Do some easy reflexology press on your hands or tap your head

Yes, squeezing and pressing the fleshy part between our thumb and point finger somehow brings perk to our veins.  Knocking your knuckles, lightly and quickly, a few times on the top of our head will jolt you, too.  Massaging the base of your skull and the front of your shins also helps.  The researchers at the University of Michigan divulge that do-it-yourself acupressure boosts alertness the same way that a cup of coffee does.  You may ask a reflexology yourself for better instructions on quick and light hand and head massage, if you feel unsure.  (You think it sounds crazy, lol; well, it works.  That matters more. ^_^ )

  • Be fully hydrated

Studies show that a drop in hydration can bring about doubled feelings of fatigue; such that, you’d find yourself working twice as hard if you lack hydration.  Certain fruits and vegetable can boost your hydration and your energy, like broccoli, tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumber.  Remember to always be well-hydrated; because if you are, you’ll have energy!  (Go, go, Power Rangers!)

  • Refrain from high-fat food for lunch

According to a British study, high-fat foods may likely  make you moodier and more tired by mid-afternoon than lower-fat meals like salad and grilled chicken.   Why so?  It was found out that digesting fat releases cholecystokinin hormones which seemingly provokes a brain drain.  (Drained brain equals drained energy?)

  • Go for Tea Breaks

The energizing amino acid called L-theanine is present in black, white and green tea.  When several cups of tea and a cup of coffee was given during a study, there was increased speed on word and number problems and the takers felt less tired than when they took either substance alone.  The L-theanine in tea plus the power of coffee gave much-needed energy.  (So, it’s tea, coffee, tea?)

  • That good, old Siesta

Again, a research showed that a cat nap boosts performance.  Looks like straight awake is not that energizing, right?  So, take advantage of a cat nap when you can before a big task or work out perhaps.  (Who wouldn’t like that?  Yipee!)

  • Splash after a nap

What could be best after a nap?  It’s a splash on your face to wash out that groggy feeling.  One study showed alertness after volunteers took a nap and then splashed their faces.  (More so, when it’s ice-cold water?  LOL)

  • Shadow kick and quick short stretching

A couple of shadow kicks and/or some short and quick  stretching will enliven your body.  Shake those hands and arms a few times as well.  That should truly perk you up!  (Count as you do for brain alert, too?)

The boost from those highly commercialized energy drink is short-term,and most of the effects of energy drinks come from two things: sugar and caffeine.  The combo lets you down fast, so the drinker wants another… and then another,  making the drinker addicted to it.  The backfire? Among other side effects, you might have problems with your night sleep!  (Just when you don’t have need for energy in order to sleep, oh my!)


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