Love Your Hands (How To Care for Them)

Happy Hands (Photo credit: Canstockphoto)
Happy Hands (Photo credit: Canstockphoto)
Happy Hands    (Photo credit:      Canstockphoto)
Happy Hands (Photo credit: Canstockphoto)

Look at your hands.  Are they smiling at you?  Have you been taking good care of them?  Because if you have, you’d see those smiles on your hands!

The problem with most people is they forget that those hands are our essential tools. Not a day would pass without us using them, right?  They are so important in almost every thing we do, either for complex maneuvers or even lowly chores as picking something up.  Beautiful hands also go well with how we dress.  We’d feel and look absurd if we look so good yet have ugly hands.  It’s inevitable for people not to look at our hands.  What more if our work depends a lot on our hands?

So it is just proper that we are treating our hands right.

 When a number of people were asked how they take care of their hands, only a couple of answers came up:  wash hands and apply lotion on them sometimes.  That’s all!

Well, do you know that frequent washing of hands, although it’s standard sanitary practice, isn’t so all right?  Why so?  Frequent washing could make your hands dry, cracked and looking so old!  It’s true!  If neglected, our hands could also end up in need of medical attention.

To prevent that from happening, it’s about time we give our loving hands the care they need.  Beautiful, well-kept hands are also extension of ourselves and may be telltale signs of how we keep ourselves clean and organized.  In short, our hands are also windows of our inner selves.  If  we take good care of them, they’ll always perform at their best, too!

How to care for our hands:

  •  Apply high SPF sunscreen on the backs of your hands every day, even in winter or any cloudy day.
  • Wear gloves whenever  you wash dishes or clothes.  Detergents and soap has chemicals.
  •  Use a mild pH soap  when washing your hands (like Dove and Jergens)
  • Apply lotion on your hands after you wash them and not only once a day! Moisturizing your hands at least four times a day is a big yes!
  • Make use of  gloves when you work on your garden, especially when you have to rake leaves or work on  soil and with other heavy housework.
  • Protect your hands from cold weather by wearing gloves.
  • Face exfoliator on your hands once a week is also good treatment; same with using face cream on  your hands before you go to sleep, at least weekly, too.
  • If you’ve got dry hands, after washing with soap, wet them again. Pour salt on your hands and then scrub them under water. Then dry your hands and apply moisturizer.
  • Massaging our hands well with cream for at least once a week can do wonders.  Massage each finger between the sides of the first finger  and the thumb of the other hand, always from the  nail towards the hand.
  • If you’ve got greasy hands, you can rub cornmeal on them right after washing your hands.
  • Let your nail be manicure from reputable  salons that practice good sanitation from time to time; clean hands necessarily deserve clean nails,too.

Remember:  If you ain’t gonna love your hands, nobody ekse wil!!!

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