Tips for Your Aching Joints

Joint Pains (Photo Credit Hilltopstudy)
Joint Pains (Photo Credit Hilltopstudy)
Joint Pains     (Photo Credit      Hilltopstudy)
Joint Pains (Photo Credit Hilltopstudy)

As we age, we start feeling pain and stiffness on some, if not most, of our joints, especially if we have not been quite active like athletes are.   Our hands, knees or shoulders might feel sore and hard to move.   We shouldn’t wait for joints to become swollen before we act on pain brought about by arthritis joint pain.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis may be caused by inflammation  of the tissue lining the joints, the signs of which could be redness, some hot feeling on the joints, pain, and swelling. These are definitely  telling you something is wrong, because where there is pain, there is something which is not good, right?   To review, joints are places where two bones meet, such as your elbow or knee, and often times, people complain of pain on their knee joints, hip joints or the ankle joints.

How to keep pain away:

When you are just starting to feel those joint pains, it would help if you will take note of the following to prevent arthritis from getting the best of you:

  • Try to decrease your weight.  Experience tell us that being overweight also causes these joint pains.  You will notice that attacks of pain and soreness may disappear with the loss of some kilos.   When your knees and hips hurt, they’re telling you they cannot carry your weight!
  • Have an exercise regime on a regular basis, daily if possible.  Joints are like metals that can get rusty when they don’t get some action.  Dance, do some aerobics, workout; any form of sweating activities will keep you like oiled machinery. Even going for a walk every day is good for you, too.  (Come wintertime or cold seasons, exercise more and sweat more, even if it’s only inside your home.)
  • Take warm showers in the morning.  Cold showers, if you will pay attention to how you feel afterwards, seem to make the pain worse.  Grandma used to tell us that we are allowing cold to set in our bones, causing it to hurt more.
  • Try the avocado leaves (alligator pear) as cure for aching joints. It’s a very simple cure that only requires passing the leaves swiftly over a flame and dabbing it lightly with coconut or baby oil before it is patched on your joints, hips, lower back, knee or wherever there is joint pain.
  • For pain reliever, a lot of  people use herbs or medicines can be bought without a prescription.  But grandma taught us not to depend on medicines for every little pain, right?  If your pain is frequent and you experience swelling, you should see your doctor. Only a doctor can tell if you really  have arthritis or a related condition and what to do about it.

Take note:

If you’re planning to start that exercise regime, remember not to overdo on your first days.  Start slowly to ease your joints into exercise; especially  if you haven’t been active for a while because  pushing yourself too hard might cause your muscles to overwork and thereby, aggravate your joint pain.

You can use heat pads, warm towels, hot packs on your joints for about 20-25 minutes before you exercise; the procedure could relax your joints and muscles and relive any pain you might have before you begin your exercise.

Have some warm up movements with your joints; five to ten minutes of gentle stretching, and minor exercise before you proceed to the major moves or aerobics.  This way, you’ll have time also to evaluate if you will experience sharp attacks of pain which is an indicator that there is something worse than minor joint pains from inactivity.  Watch out    for inflammation or redness.  Stop if you notice some warning signs and consult your doctor.

You are the best judge of how you feel, so trust your instincts and don’t exert more energy than your joints can handle.

And … have a healthy diet!  Steer clear of food that can aggravate those pains!  (red meat, red flesh fish, organ meat like kidney, liver, processed meat, soft drinks, caffeine, sugar, antacids, fried food and vegetable oil, eggplants, red peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes, butter, margarine, dry roasted nuts, etc.)  If you can’t totally avoid those, make sure you minimize!  ^_^

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