Let Daily Hot Water Foot Soak Do Wonders For You!

Foot Soak (Photo Credit: Sfbsc)
Foot Soak (Photo Credit: Sfbsc)
Foot Soak     (Photo Credit:    Sfbsc)
Foot Soak (Photo Credit: Sfbsc)

Our feet takes the blunt of our everyday; carrying us where we need to go and  hold us up in whatever we do.  So, isn’t it just proper that we take some moments everyday to rejuvenate our feet … and marvel at the wonders of foot soak, too?

Yes, soaking our feet in hot/warm every day is not only refreshing to our feet, BUT likewise  improves our health and promotes longevity.

We’ve heard of acupressure and acupoints from the Chinese way of treatments ; and according to it, there are 60 acupoints on our feet and they are associated with our stomach, liver, urinary bladder, gallbladder, spleen and kidneys, such that if we soak our feet in warm water, it helps to open up congestions in the meridians.  Thus, without congestion, there arises improved circulation in the whole body.

Most busy people are too lazy when they reach home, but truly, soaking our feet every night in hot water rewards not only our feet, but also the other working organs with the most practical loving care we can give ourselves. It also increases our body?s immune function.More over, soaking our feet may help us feel more relaxed and rested afterwards,  assuring us of better sleep.  Wouldn’t it be so great?

 So, it is said that people can benefit from soaking their feet in warm water; YES, throughout the year is fine.  However, not everyone knows that soaking feet at different times and such other details with regards to feet soaking  has its finer points.

Let’s learn together:

    • Health wizards teaches us that after a hard-working day , we should  spend at least half an hour to relax and let our body re-adjust. This half hour shouldn’t be ignored because just the daily simple act of   soaking feet for half an hour , which is an ideal length of time for it, can extend our life to additional ten  years.  Soaking feet persistently will rid us of our body?s cold dampness.
    • Not  too hot nor too cool, more or less 100°F is the best temperature,  making use of a wooden bucket for longer heat or a plastic bucket as an alternative.  Just enough water to cover our ankles is ok.  Our heat  endurance varies from another, so it is advised to start with not so hot water, but to add hot water slowly. Keep the hot water coming to the bucket until the whole body is warm with sweat.
    • Soaking our feet at night,  around 9 pm, helps strengthen our kidneys because at that time the kidney energy is at its lowest point (as per TCM or  Traditional Chinese Medicine theory) and promotes a better night’s sleep.  Just remember that after soaking your feet,  you are ready to go to bed and not to become active or go out of the house anymore.   After soaking, you will be so relaxed and ready for  a sound sleep.
    • Soaking our feet in the morning to recharge is another great time to soak our feet.
      The previous night’s sleep in one position may have caused our blood  not to flow very smoothly, and soaking our feet in the morning will help to  adjust our nervous system and regulate our endocrine system. For a half hour of soaking, it’s another day of energy!


  • Some Chinese herbs like Dang Gui or Dan Shen can be added in the water to help invigorate our blood circulation and brighten our face.    TCM also tells us that adding fresh ginger root may help prevent  common cold.   Adding some Cinnamon Twigs, Hong Hua and Black Pepper,  Chrysanthemum or Xia Ku Cao may help lower our  blood pressure.
  • After soaking your feet, be sure to drink lots of water, preferably warm water or fresh ginger red sugar water to make body produce more heat. Through sweating, body can expel cold damp out.

WARNING:  Those with some conditions are not advised to soak their feet in hot water.

While soaking feet in warm water is generally good for most people, those with medical conditions like  severe cardiac diseases, like angina or low blood pressure, are warned against performing the feet soak because they may faint while their feet are soaking. Not recommended also for those with diabetes because their skin can get burned very easily from the water. Likewise, those who have empty stomachs from not eating the whole day or the opposite, those who have full stomachs from overeating should not soak their feet.

P.S.  NEVER foot soak when you have swollen feet or ankles! It’s a different medical concern that you should treat differently.

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