Stay Young in Your 50s!

Stay Young at 50 (Photo credit:
Stay Young at 50 (Photo credit:
Stay Young at 50   (Photo credit:
Stay Young at 50 (Photo credit:

An old adage says “Life begins at 40,” but ten years after, how come it feels like “Life is near its end?”

So many aches and pains here and there; wrong moves that can outbalance you, having crow’s-feet, frown lines, jowls, and greying hair.  Inability to walk for more than an hour; gets tired easily.  Why, oh why???

Is that how life is supposed to be at 50? Of course not!  So, if you’re approaching 50 or is already in your early fifties, change your mind-set.  It’s never too late to take a look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself  “I choose to stay young at my age!”

We all  know how tough it can be to fit in some time for ourselves, especially if we are holding two jobs or handling just one but very demanding work it proves to be, or perhaps managing a big family and/or a big house. When never-ending chores and schedules seem to rob us of personal time, how can we manage to “stay young” at age 50 and up?

Should we resign ourselves to the thought that we’re growing old and there’s nothing we can do about it?  Is 50 supposed to equate with” going down the hill?”

“But, hey!  Life just began for me at age 40!  I want to enjoy years with my future grandchildren!”

Oh really!  Then be prepared to start working on your youthful 50s ….  diligently ……NOW!

  • Take that walk-for-good-health every day.  Brisk walking for thirty minutes a day is very easy.  You can break that down to three ten-minute walks if you want, and you’d enjoy it more if you have a companion.  A sure two-in-one benefit; you get some exercise and have some bonding moments with your companion.  Walking helps you burn calories and reduce  belly fat.  After a month of brisk walking, start the next step.  (wink!)
  • Sweat it out!  Even just an hour a week (more if you can, though) of exercise, dancing, zumba, biking, hiking or any light sports could do wonders for you.  Join a health club, or some active group for sweat it out sessions; having a group will prevent you from procrastinating or skipping.  Have some social life at the same time; laugh more while you shed some fats!  Just make sure you have no heart condition as yet before launching into some heavy stuff, ok?
  • After a while, come and try lifting weights to build muscles and strengthen them; some thirty minutes per week would be fine.  Strength-training workouts would be great for your physique.  Our muscle is the powerhouse of the body where almost all our energy is created by burning fat, carbohydrates and protein, and is also vital to the immune system as well as reducing the risk of diabetes and osteoporosis.  Staying lean for life always makes us look younger than our age.
  •  If you’ll only look around your home, there are many ways to turn tasks into workout exercises.  Mowing the lawn, mopping, sweeping, gardening and raking leaves are twice beneficial.  Redecorating your garden, lifting pots, moving rocks and a little digging are good replacements if you think a health club is too far out.  Adding music to your chores is great energizer, too. Be creative!
  • Reduce Stress and negative emotions as best as you can.  Learn to master your moods and emotions.  Studies have proven that there is interaction between the mind and the immune system, such that certain diseases have much to do with the state of the mind and emotions.  Meditating or dealing with stress positively will work wonders for you.  Have a happy disposition.  Laughter is not just the best medicine; more over, it’s the best vitamin one can easily have.

Yes, indeed!  Smile more often.  Have hearty laughs every now and then.  It is better to have laugh lines than worry frowns.  Don’t you think so, too?  ^__^

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