Eleven Easy Steps on How to Minimize Stress

Stress aren't just meant to be cute, use them when you're frustrated. (photo credit by http://budtoboss.wordpress.com)

Stress is something that we all can’t avoid, no matter what line of work we do. Deadlines, beating the rush hour, gossiping co-workers, demanding bosses, and the likes. There are things, however, that we can do, to manage stress or at least minimize it.  Try to:

Stress balls aren’t just meant to be cute – use them when you’re frustrated. (photo credit by http://budtoboss.wordpress.com)

1. Strike a balance between work and play. It’s nice that you enjoy your work but you also have to enjoy your time outside of work. Spend time  with family and friends. Have a life outside of work to prevent getting burned out.

2. Do regularly exercises, even the ones that you could do on 15-minute breaks. Even something as simple as walking or a stroll to  the park is a form of exercise. Proper blood circulation not only makes your healthy and younger-looking but will also make you feel good and recharged. Endorphins, our feel-good hormones, are released when you exercise.  Sometimes, exercising can also become your outlet. Release the tension and at the same time become healthier by channeling your frustration to something physical lie playing tennis or badminton.

3. Eat healthy. Try to keep a healthy and balanced diet. Eat different types of bread sources  and while at it, choose high-fiber kinds whenever you can. If you need energy, then stuff on carbohydrates. Extend  your choices  and fruits and vegetable and try the ones that you haven’t tried. Choose lower fat  alternatives whenever you can when it comes to dairy and milk.  Try not to eat or if you do, just have small amounts of  fatty and sugary foods. Choose lower fat alternatives of meat and fish. Remember that you are what you eat so be watchful. Take some vitamins if necessary. Avoid too much alcohol, nicotine and caffeine as these would boost or worsen your stress response.

4. Manage your time and learn to manage it efficiently. This will help prevent work overload on your part.  If you plan ahead, you avoid being rushed, and  you get less stressed and tensed. Make a list of all the things that you need to do, it’s so much easier to follow though things if you see a tangible reminder. Writing them down also allows you to priotize the things you need to do.

5. Learn when to say no when you know you’re getting too stretched.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of  positive thinking. Never let negative thoughts get into you as  they won’t do you any good. Negative thoughts would only add to your stress  and will dampen your health.

7. Don’t be such a worry wart and don’t let paranoia get into you. Don’t sweat on the small stuff. Worrying about the littlest  thing will only add wrinkles to your face. If it’s something that you can solve, then calmly find a resolution. If  an issue  is something beyond your means,  sit down and weight your options. If it’s not something you can’t solve, then quit worrying because no amount of worrying can solve it.

8. Believe in yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up in times that yu do. Don’t put yourself down. This does not mean, though, that you should brag about all your  skills, achivements and all the things that you’ve done. Just never over indulge in self-deprecation especially when you made a mistake. Regularly give yourself a pat on the back when you have achieved something , no matter how small it is.

9. Don’t linger in the past. You can’t bring it back and dwelling on it will not change anything. You may have made  mistakes in the past but  the important thing is you learned from it and will not repeat the same mistake. There’s no point recounting it and crying over spilled milk. Learn to enjoy the present and seize every moment. Move on.

10. Relax.  No matter what your line of work is, find time for  relaxation. Relaxing allows you to set aside  all your worries and problems. Find a new hobby. Listen  to good music. Learn a new recipe. Get yourself involved in a new recreational sports that can relax you like  yoga or  reflexology. When you’re relaxed, you’ll find that you sleep more soundly, and  isnt’t  that what most of  us want?

11. Don’t be afraid to communicate at the right time and towards the right people. If you want to have something known, voice it out.  If you have problems or  any conflict that you want to resolve, do not hesitate to approach your family and friends who are involved. Tell them what ever it is that you need to voice out.  They are there  to listen, support and have your back covered. This doesn’t mean  though that you have to say anything that pops into your head.  If  you’re really bothered about something and  you need to let it out,  always practice tact,  and remember, always do it in the same manner that you’d like to be treated.