Simple Exercises that You can Do even while Working

Let's get physical, even at work! (photo credit from

Many of us do not have the time to exercise anymore, what with the long hours we do at work and the chores that we have to do at home. An hour of idle time is kinda’ like a luxury and most of  us would rather spend that  extra time resting, snoozing or bonding with our loved ones. Our busy lives, though, should not equate to sedentary lifestyles. Here’s a few exercises that you could easily do even while at work:

While sitting down,do some leg liftsto loosen those weary legs and feet. Just ensure that you are  seated properly and maintain good posture, with both feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Lift one knee up as far as it can go, while pointing your toes. Then lower your foot back to the ground, and switch legs. Continuously to do this for one minute while alternating legs. Make it  more difficult by  lifting both legs at the same time.  Keep your legs lifted while counting to five or for as long as you can hold.

Let’s get physical, even at work! (photo credit from

Add variety by doing leg circles. With your left leg bent and your right leg straight, make small circles to the right with your straight leg. Slowly make the circles bigger, and then switch to the opposite direction starting with small circles going to the left.  Once you’re done with your right leg, do the same thing on the left leg. Try doing 30 seconds of leg circles to the right and then 30 second to the left on each leg.

Sit on your heels and do some squats. If your table happens to be waist-level (your waist, that is),   do some squatting. For about 5 to 10 counts as you hold on to the end of your desk. Make sure your toes do not go past your knees (meaning that your butt is sitting back into an invisible chair.)

As you rise up from a squat position, squeeze your butt cheeks together. Butt squeeze is so easy to do that  you can do this exercise even while seated in your chair.  Squeeze your butt, and then release. Try to hold the squeeze for  a few seconds before releasing to make it more challenging and try to do this for a minute.

Stretch that body. While sitting down, sneak in some simple stretching. Pull your pelvic and abdominal muscles in and up  and your rib cage in and out. This will slacken off the worn-out joints.

Of course, you can’t be sitting down for straight eight hours. Do toe rises. When you are standing, rise up unto your toes, and then lower. Repeat several times. Add a twist by squeezing  your gluteal muscles as you rise – it can help in relaxing those gluteal muscles.

Sit on the wall. If squatting is too simple for you, try a tougher exercise – do a wall sit. Stand with your back against the wall with your feet about two foot-lengths away. Keep your back straight while properly leaning on the wall, then start sliding down holding a seated a position (with knees hitting a 9o angle). Hold this position as long as you can, and then slowly side back up.

Use your water bottles, not just for drinking, but for upper arm exercises. Holding  half-a-liter or even a liter full container, start raising your arm slowly in front of you until they are about shoulder height. Hold for a few seconds  and then slowly lower your arms back down. Borrow from a colleague and do both arms together and repeat it 10 to 15 times. You can do this sideways while standing still or even while walking.

Going  up or up to the next floor to the pantry  or to the deck for your coffee break? Why not take the stairs? It’s a good practice for your cardio and  an effective way to loosen up those unwanted fats in your body. Besides, walking is still the easiest  and cheapest way to keep one’s self fit.

If you could do all these during your 8-hour job, you don’t only save on paying exorbitant fees for gym memberships and  outfits but you save time, too.

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