How to Take Care of Our Legs

We don't want to be judgemental, but some of us can be real suckers for beautiful, shapely legs. (photo from

Don’t we all want to have lovely and  flawless legs? Aside from the fact that they do look attractive when they’re smooth and shapely, we should take  proper care of our legs as they easily get strained and stressed, especially for those of us who are always out and about.  Our legs take us around as we walk in and out of  our offices; while we stand waiting in line, we run, we climb stairs. Our legs keep us going, and we ought to take care of our pair the way we take good care of the rest of body.

We don’t want to be judgemental, but some of us can be real suckers for beautiful, shapely legs. (photo from

Luckily, they don’t require high maintenance. All you got  to  do are:

Take extra care when wearing heels. Killer heels are what they’re called – “killer” heels.  They can make you look sexy and taller, but donning them for an extended  period of time can do your legs some harm. Wearing high heels can put pressure on the balls of your foot which later on can lead to foot, ankle and leg pains. In some cases, women who wear heels also complain about back pains.  If you can’t avoid wearing heels, buy the ones with platforms in the front part to lessen the pressure on your ankles. Wear shoes that fit perfectly, not too tight  that your foot will risk getting cramped and not to loose that the shoes will hang loose. If you can’t stay away from those stilletos,  try not to wear them all the time. Wear them while at work where the floor’s mostly carpeted and every step you take will be cushioned. Bring along flat shoes that you can slip on to when your feet get tired of walking in heels.

Exercise your legs  from time to time. Do some leg work even while at work. If you work behind  a desk and is mostly seated for the rest of the day, your legs  do not probably get the exercise they need. If your job requires you to stand long hours, though, your legs, jsut the same, will  be tired. In both cases, you might experience  a little numbness when your legs get stuck  in one position for so long because blood does not circulate properly.

Wherever you are, find  the chance and time to do simple stretching. While sitting in your office  chair, strecth your lesg out and point your toes slowly forward, then up and then forward again.  You can do varieties by alternately exercising each leg or stretching both at the same time. You can also do leg rotations.  If you are standing most of the time, walk short distances  and  rotate your feet from time to time.  Take short breaks from either standing  up or sitting down for too long.

Massage you feet at the end of the day.  Tension and stress that accumulated  while you’re working could result to pain in the lower back and hips, not to mention varicose veins. Avoid all these by massaging your legs to loosen the knots and the tension. Gently stretch and knead your legs  from the  ankles  to the thighs and vice versa. Take care not to put too much pressure, though. Prop both  legs  on a pillow placed lengthwise under you knees  to promote better leg circulation.

Take extra care when using DIY har removal treatment. waxed If you don’t have the luxury of time and budget to go to salons to have your  legs waxed, be careful with using over the counter products such as creams and ready to use wax strips. Follow directions to a T to avoid possible burns (when  you leave depilatory creams on your legs longer than advised, it can burn the skin) or injury (you skin might end up in blister if you don’t pull the wax strip right)Shaving could  be the easiet way  to remove your leg hair but remember to moisturize  before running those blades against your skin.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin.  The weather condition can be harsh to your skin, and you sometimes can’t rely on your body’s own moisture to keep the largest organ  of your body hydrated. Choose a moisturizer or lotion  that has Vitamin E and  collagen  to further improve the appearance  and elasticity of your skin. Apply lotion  after  taking a bath, while your skin is still damp. If your skin is sensitive, try not  to use the strongly scented ones, as your  skin might develop allergy to  the chemicals. You may also use petroleum jelly or bath oils  to rub on your skin for additional moisture.

Do all these, and you’ll have the shapely, attractive legs you’re aiming for  in no time.