Cell Phones Linked to Breast Cancer? (Update for Women AND Men)

(Photo Credit : ktvu)
(Photo Credit : ktvu)

Do you sometimes tuck your mobile phone inside your bra or in your shirt pocket?

Todays news  made me grab my cell phone from inside my bra and almost drop it (like it was a snake???!!)

According to the news at CNN, “Doctors are sounding the alarm about a possible link between breast cancer and cell phones.

Some experts say they’re seeing evidence of breast cancer that could be connected to where some women keep their mobile phones.”

Where else, but inside our bras!

Like other women I know (and apparently like many other young women according to the news), we find it more convenient to put our cell phone in our bra on various circumstances:  when on the gym, while jogging, while walking around and not carrying a bag, during events, while at work, etc.

It’s easier to feel the vibration and easier to reach for it when there’s a message or a call.

For convenience, lesser risk on losing it or forgetting where we placed it – are top on our reasons why we put our cell phone in our bra.

Years ago, there had been related reports that cell phones MIGHT be associated with increased risk of developing breast cancer; however, the wireless industry has denied any problem – citing a lack of scientific evidence that cell phones cause breast cancer.”

So… people kind of forgot about it.

BUT some health-related news reached us… that a Donna Jaynes, then aged 39, developed tumors exactly on the area of her breast where she tucked away her mobile phone, for more or less ten years, and her doctors said the unusual distribution exactly matches where she put her phone.

Donna said she felt warmth throughout her breast when she received calls, but thought nothing about it until she felt a pain in the spot where she put her cell phone. She examined the area and felt a lump; a subsequent mammogram and biopsy revealed it was an invasive breast cancer which required a mastectomy. An examination of the removed breast tissue showed five separate tumors in almost the exact distribution corresponding to the shape of the cell phone.  Whew!

Another young woman, Tiffany Frantz, got breast cancer at 21; and she said she put her cell phone right in her bra.  Her mother, Traci Frantz, doubted the connection and never took it seriously until after her daughter was diagnosed.  To quote her:   “It just so happened her tumors were exactly where her cell phone had been against her skin, her bare skin for about six years.”

With no genetic or other risk factors, surgeons removed her left breast.  oh, so young lady!

Is it just coincidental that her left breast, where she kept her cellphone, developed tumors just under the surface of her skin?  Is Donna Jaynes’ case also a mere coincidence?  Both had no risk factors.

At present, some doctors say they are seeing evidence that breast cancer could be connected to where women keep their mobile phone.

Well, those of us who put our mobile phones in our bras should think twice!  Though there is no sufficient evidence YET that cell phones (on our breast part) cause  breast cancers, women should definitely “Be Aware” of the possible risk.

But heyyy!  It’s not just women.

According to breast cancer specialists,  they are seeing men who keep their cell phones in shirt pockets also develop cancer.  Exposure to radiation is also one of the risk factors for male breast cancer, and mobile phones is said to emit electromagnetic radiation.  Any connection there?

While the wireless industry continue to deny any problem, citing a lack of scientific evidence behind customers complaints, it may be interesting to take note if there really is a fine print for the new I-Phone 5 which says : keep the phone at least 10 millimeters away from any body part. 10 millimeters is equivalent to about a half-inch.  If there’s a precaution/warning, there’s a possible danger?

True or not, logic tells us to heed the latest warning from the breast cancer specialists – that it is BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

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