Guyabano – The Marvelous Anti-cancer Fruit

Guyabano, even its leaves are brimming with health benefits. (photo from

There’s a buzz in the medical world that there’s a cure for  cancer that’s proving to be 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy, and  without the side effect.

Guyabano, also known as soursop  (English), guanábana(Spanish) and graviola(Portuguese), is a green, pear-shaped fruit covered with soft spines. Matured guyabano or soursop fruit weighs about 2 to 5 kilograms. Guyabano fruit can grow up to 18 centimeters long, with thin skin and the soft edible whitish pulp that is fleshy and fibrous. It has inedible black seeds. Its tastes has distinct sweet-sour flavor that tastes like pineapple and strawberry with a tang of sour citrus taste.

Guyabano or soursop – even its leaves are brimming with health benefits. 

It had been used as medicine for centuries by native Indians in South America to treat heart diseases, liver problems, asthma and arthritis. Little was known about its cancer-treatment properties until a research done  by The National Cancer Institute in 1976.

The results showed that guyabano’s leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells. Though the results were published in an internal report and was never released to the public, guyabano has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests.

A study conducted at Catholic University of South Korea and published in the Journal of Natural Products stated that one chemical found in guyabanos was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at “10,000 times the potency of (the commonly used chemotherapy drug) Adriamycin and  was shown to selectively target the cancer cells alone, leaving healthy cells untouched, unlike  what chemotherapy does. A study at Purdue University recently found that leaves from the guyabano tree killed cancer cells among six human cell lines and were especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers.

How do you prepare the Guyabano/Graviola concoction?

Boil one 8 oz. cup of shredded fresh or air dried guyabano leaves in a liter of water. Air dried or shadow dried leaves are better than fresh because the drying concentrates the medicinal properties of the plant, therefore more effective. Sun drying or oven drying is not recommended, though,  because too much heat will cook the medicinal and nutritive values of the leaves, causing them to lose their potency.  Prepare only enough for the day because the potency of the tea is good only for up to 7 or 8 hours. You may put the tea in the refrigerator. Any leftover tea after drinking your daily dose must be thrown out. Make a new batch of tea every day. The tea is absorbed more easily in an empty stomach. Taken before meals, the tea hits the bloodstream more quickly.

Aside from its  cancer-fighting abilities, Guyabano or soursop can also combat conditions such as:

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) –  Soursop is an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient which increases the acidity level of urine, resulting in decreased number of harmful bacteria that may be present in the urinary tract.
  • Constipation –Soursop is rich in fiber that acts  as laxatives. Fiber also aids in weight loss and lowers the risk of colon problems.
  • Leg cramps – Soursop  contains half the potassium in bananas. Lack of potassium, together with magnesium, calcium and sodium (also known as electrolytes) in the body can cause muscle weakness and cramping.
  • Water retention because of  its magnesium content, soursop can alleviate   annoying premenstrual symptom caused  by water retention.
  • Fatigue and weakness – Soursop helps the body produce energy. It can supply the body a good amount of thiamin, the B vitamin which is needed in aerobic energy production, the process when oxygen is used to help convert sugar into usable energy.
  • Bone loss degeneration – Soursop is loaded with the trace mineral copper. Copper, along with zinc, boosts the effectiveness of vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of calcium. 7.      
  • High cholesterol levels of LDL –  Fresh fruits and veggies are the perfect choice for higher level of the good cholesterol HDL. Soursop is a good source of niacin, a vitamin which studies show has significant benefits on levels of HDL
  • Pregnancy complications –This spiky fruit contains folate, which  helps prevents deficiency in pregnant women. A lack of this mineral during pregnancy may contribute to birth defects and pregnancy loss.
  • Anemia – Soursop can provide iron which prevents the common blood disorder anemia – a condition in which the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells which  responsible for the distribution of oxygen to the body tissues.
  • Migraines – Soursop has riboflavin, which several studies have shown to prevent migraine, when taken in ample  quantity.

Soursop, though, is one of the top fruits high in sugar. Eating too much of it may also contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease due to its very high concentration of annonacin.

As a precaution, always consult your  doctor before taking any supplements or alternative treatment.

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