Abdominal Implants – the Quickest way to Six Packs

Blame it on Gerald Butler on 300 (that movie where almost everyone wears no top at all) many men (and even women) strive for those ever-desirable six-pack abs these days.

“In the landscape of the body, the chest is prime territory. Think about it: It’s at the top of the trunk; it protects and covers the heart and lungs. It’s a great spot for a head to rest on.” That  according to Bill Hayes, a lifelong bodybuilder and writer on health and medical issues (“The Anatomist”). “

Yet, tireless stomach crunches and sit-ups often don’t get the job done, no matter how disciplined you are about your regimen. Most do it through weightlifting and dieting. Some men are driven to steroids, human growth hormone and cosmetic surgery if all those other methods fail. It can be very extremely difficult to eliminate the layer of fat around the mid section, particularly if you are not genetically blessed in the abdominal region.

Pectoral implants, although still a new product, are growing in popularity: 409 procedures were performed in 2006, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a 99 percent increase over the year before. Though most people think that men who go that route are either lazy or excessively vain, those who underwent thru the knife and  the implants contend that the psychological benefits are substantial. Sometimes jokingly referred to as breast implants for men, pec implants provide the patient with greater self-esteem by creating the sculpted toned pectoral appearance that only years of weight training could duplicate.

You could have this in just a few hours. (photo from http://www.sixpackfactory.com/six-pack-abs-shortcuts/)
“It’s such a confidence booster,” says one San Francisco massage therapist who got the implants two years ago as a 40th birthday gift to himself. “I walk a little taller now. And of course you want to buy every tight white T-shirt. It’s crazy!”San Francisco personal trainer of  25 years Anthony Durante says  that well-defined pecs project power, strength, health, virility.

How are abdominal implants done?

The six-pack implant procedure involves an incision at the belly button, through which the surgeon can place six to eight individual implants. The implants are placed over the actual musculature, and are designed to conform to the underlying muscle, and be supple and flexible enough to move with bodily activity, while also feeling natural to the touch. Most of the time, the implant surgery is coupled with a tummy tuck procedure to provide better access to the abdominal muscles before the insertion of the implants.

The material used is silicone, very much  the same with the materials  used with  women’s breast implants, though women’s implants are  more  supple. The recovery time for a pectoral implants procedure is also similar to that of a woman’s breast augmentation procedure. Patients are advised to avoid lifting their arms for the first few days. They’re then given a light exercise program to follow for the next few weeks. The recovery time takes about a month.

Are there risks involving abdominal implants? 

Like with any surgery, some risks are involved. Side effects from anesthesia may occur, as well as risks of infection. Bruising, swelling, and temporary aches will occur, but these should subside within a week after surgery. Of course,  it’s a must that you advise  your surgeon if you have any medical condition as this may get affected  by the procedure or the implants themselves.

What the most important step if you’re considering getting abdominal implants?

Though abdominal implants for men are becoming more common, and if you do are thinking of having the procedure done, find a knowledgeable, experienced cosmetic surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons will offer this specialized surgery, so finding an experienced surgeon is critical. Schedule consultations  first with several surgeons is recommended and check their samples of work. View each doctor’s before and after photos to see how past patients have benefited from a pectoral augmentation procedure. If you like what you see, you can expect that you will have similar results with your pec implant procedure.

And I thought only women are that vain.

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