13 Tips on How to Live Younger and Longer

One should never be too old to celebrate birthdays. (photo from http://entertainmentguide.local.com/themes-using-tools-50th-birthday-party-4800.html)

It seems that in this day and age, we have found the fountain of youth – you see a lot of women who look like  in their thirty’s and even forty’s wearing fashionable tank tops, short skirts, high heels looking younger than their age; celebrity moms almost look as young as their teenage daughters; middle aged men looking as dapper as they looked when they were younger  with their  attractive suits  and sports apparel;  dads exercising  with their sons and also flaunting their sick pack abs, triceps and biceps. Of course, the fountain of youth will always be a myth, a literary object we  are all striving to achieve.  How is it then, that some of us are able to defy age?

One should never be too old to celebrate birthdays. (photo from http://entertainmentguide.local.com/themes-using-tools-50th-birthday-party-4800.html)

Here are some simple practices that we can do everyday to feel and look younger.

1.     Feel young at heart. Of course you know that each day you wake up makes you another day older, but we don’t need to be constantly reminded that that’s  the case. Waking up everyday brooding about aging and counting your age is somewhat a bad practice. We should all welcome everyday with gratitude and  than our maker (whatever religion you’re in) for a new day to enjoy life.

2.     Be with young people. Their energy will make you feel young. The positive energy and the enthusiasm they exude will inspire you. Rather than confine yourself at home, you’ll find that there’s more in store for you if you spend time with younger people.

3.     Try to do what the younger ones enjoy. Learn about new things and enjoying the latest fad can boost confidence and will keep you in the groove. Encountering new things and doing things you’ve never done before will give you new perspective in life.

4.     Exercise.  Muscles are like machines, if you don’t use them, they’ll eventually break down.  Besides, exercising daily will not just keep you healthier, it will give you a better figure to flaunt.

 5.     Get rid of excessive fat.  A lot of people  associate old age  with getting fat, but the truth is – its being overweight that makes you look older. Eat the right kind of food to keep you energized. A balanced diet is highly recommended.

 6.     Sleep Well. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Try not to oversleep. Hanging out with younger people does not mean necessarily mean that you also adapt their lifestyle.

 7.     Have a sense of humor. Keeping a good sense of humor is important for one’s health. There are days that you will get sad and lonely, but what’s important  is not to dwell on them and always keep a positive outlook in life.  Being stressed and depressed will definitely make you look older.

 8.     Keep your cool. Try not to lose your temper. Be patient  and worry less, because if you don’t, the more that you’ll have wrinkles. Always flash a smile  and try to relax even on the most challenging days.

 9.     Be involved in new activities. Stay active by keeping yourself busy. Living a life of routine is as bad as being stressed. Engage yourself with physical and mental activities.

 10. Maintain supportive and loving relationships.  Support from others can help you cope up with life’s challenges better that just dealing with  it alone. Find someone who can influence you to see the good side of life.

 11. Keep a positive outlook in life. Pessimistic people age faster. Being optimistic can give you more reasons to smile and can give you more hope. Life is what you make of it, and if you think your life is beautiful, so shall it be.

12.Appreciate yourself.  Be gentle to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do the things you want to do, nor  regret  the things that you have done.

13.Be content. Learn to love and work with what you have.


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