How to be truly Happy

Don't just wear it, live it! (photo from

Happiness seems to get more complicated the older we get. When I was a child,   candies, toys and other treats were enough to make me smile.  When I entered school, I’d be happy with a new book, pencil case or a new school bag. When I entered my teenage years, I simply wanted to have many friends  to share gossips and  mushy crush  and infatuation stories. In college, when things started to get serious, I aimed for a diploma and now that I’m out in the professional world, keeping  my job isn’t enough to keep me happy. It’s like all the things I wanted to  have since a child will make  me happy. And more. A beautiful home, a happy family, financial stability, travelling the world.  Being happy have become a continuing non- stop journey.  It seems that the older we get, the harder it is to become happy, but the truth is, the older  we get the easier it should be , because  it’s then that we are able to enjoy the  simple things in life that can truly make us happy. We would be able to achieve if we realize the following:

We will never be happy if we often compare yourself with others. Happiness is  knowing our own strengths and weaknesses, and living with them. Comparing ourselves with others, especially with what other people have achieved, will only make us feel miserable.  Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to compare your life or achievements with someone else, but do this to inspire yourself to become a better you.

We have to love what we do for a living  or at least find passion and enjoyment in our work. Not everyone will be lucky enough to make a career of what they enjoy doing, but if you are passionate enough to learn new things involving your career and if you look at the brighter side of what your work can do for you, you’ll find  that there’s hardly any reason to become stressed, bored or become unhappy.

Don’t just wear it, live it! (photo from

Nobody’s perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes and everyone have flaws. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them.

Expect and prepare for the worst.  The higher our expectations are, the more we invite disappointments and chances of getting hurt.  Live a life dreaming for something big, but don’t live your life with huge expectations. Aim high and big, but accept that failure is inevitable and learn from them. Don’t beat yourself up nor sulk and be miserable when things don’t go the way you expect them to be.

We should learn to let go and move on. Even those who seem the happiest have gone thru failed relationships, broken friendships, unfulfilled dreams and even the pain of losing the ones they love. Take them in cheerful stride, and be comforted by the fact that there’s always a reason for everything that happens in our lives. Accept them, learn from them and move on. Living in pain and regret and bearing grudges will not only make you unhappy, it is also unhealthy.

We should forgive ourselves, first and foremost. Living a life full of regret and  what-ifs  is  a life in misery. If you have made bad decisions in the past, deal with the consequences and live  with it, but  don’t let it haunt you and  your future decisions.

Happiness is a choice, and making this choice is the best gift we can give ourselves. We can  choose to be happy. Happiness is not about having all the things we want in life, but it’s being contented with what we have.