Lip Tattoo: Is It Worth It?

Before and After Cosmetic Lip Tattoo
Before and After Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

A high school reunion brings a lot of surprises and amazement, other than the fun of finding and meeting your old pals again.  There are a lot of things worth remembering after reunions, but I simply cannot forget a former classmate’s story share about the agony she went through after undergoing cosmetic lip tattoo!

She used to have thin and pale lips; the kind which men don’t call kissable lips.  And being in the political arena, she is often in the public eye; attending meetings, events and what-have-yous.  As expected, she has to be presentable (if not awe-striking) at all times and that includes having to retouch her lipstick over and over again (especially as she is also a smoker; hence, nicotine-tinted lips).

She recounted step by step the many sessions she had to have her lips transformed.  She almost gave up after the first session; really crying at the excruciating pain that lip tattooing caused her.

“Darn!” she said.  “The price of vanity was too painful to bear!”    Her lips had become inflamed for some days, and she lost so many pounds for lack of nourishment.   Her inflamed lips and mouth prevented her from enjoyng her meals.  Most times, her food had to be osterized before she could gobble some food.  Added to that was the stress she had worrying over the “what-ifs!”

She  enumerated the pros and cons:

The Pros :

  • No more buying of lipstick, which means “savings”
  • For better lip shape through enhancement and restyling
  • No more time allotted to applying lipstick
  • No more lipstick smudge
  • Replace lip color lost through aging, smoking, cancer or chemotherapy.
  • Just need to apply clear lip-gloss for fresher look.
  • No more worry over allergic responses to certain lipstick brands or dried lip tissue
  • No more lipstick stains anywhere
  • Permanent kissable- lips look
  • An enhanced appearance spells Self esteem

The Cons :

  • Because the lip tissue is very delicate, expect the treatment to be so painful despite the anesthetics
  • There is a healing process where the color slowly lightens to the desired shade after being quite intense.
  • The color is permanent and styles change; so selection is really worth much musing over.
  • The design might be poorly done, irregular, or the natural lip line become distorted. (Not so easy to redo or repair)
  • When the lip line goes into the skin and is a different color.
  • The pigment can migrate or may cause allergy.
  • Lips thin with aging and color appears as a kool aide stain above the lip if done improperly.
  • There is a risk of infection if certain precautions are not followed.
  • Scarring or keloid formation in those who are prone
  • The procedure can be expensive and several follow-ups may be required.
  • Removal is not an easy decision to make (other than being expensive, the pain connected with the procedure can be mind-blowing)

True enough, permanent makeup via cosmetic tattoo is a solution for maintaining color in the lips.  However, you have to dwell on the pros and cons of the procedure which must be evaluated for a positive outcome.  Remember that it’s supposedly called permanent lip tattoo, so be open about certain uncertainties.  ^_^


Here are some pointers:

**  Check your tattoo artist’s credentials carefully and  find a way to speak with former clients.   Ask for before-and-after photographs.

** To avoid infections and ensure professional results, go for a licensed aesthetician who strictly follows hygienic prpcedures.  Make sure the aesthetician uses sterile gloves and sterilized equipment.


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