Coconut Milk For Healthier More Beautiful Hair? Oh Yes!

(Photo Credit: Beautythroughstrength)
(Photo Credit: Beautythroughstrength)

I was washing my hair with coconut milk when a friend came over; said I looked like a rat drowned in milk.  Lol.   But seriously now, she said “so that’s how you’ve got great hair?”

Oh Yes!  I was called ‘perma press’ in high school because I had very neat straight shiny hair.  Thanks to my grandmother with whom we literally grew up with .  We always remember her as the wizard who seems to have all the answers to the world’s concerns.    It’s just lately that I got to understand the famous phrase “Grandma’s home remedies”; because indeed, Grandma had a whole lot of remedies for all our ailments (well, almost, as far as I can remember). ^_^

And quite a legacy of wisdom she left us, including how to have great hair…naturally….  using coconut milk!

Yes!  That beneficial liquid extract which can be yielded from the coconut is high in protein, essential fats, iron and manganese;  elements which are valuable for growth and maintenance of healthy hair.   In addition, this natural treatment is very safe and has no side effects whatsoever and will certainly make our hair more dense and beautiful.

How to use coconut milk for your hair:

  • Collect the milk from one grated  coconut. Apply one to two cups of milk to hair, leave on for two hours, rinse with water then shampoo 24 hours later.
  • The dried version of the coconut  can be bought from some supermarkets and farmers’ markets; wherein the dried meat can be cut up, thrown in the blender with just enough water and then blended,  strained and is ready for use.
  • If the coconut milk is left to sit for more than an hour, the cream of the coconut will rise to the top.  This cream can be added to your hair to treat dry hair.
  • For itchy scalp,  coconut milk can be added to aloe vera and then massaged into the scalp.
  • If you have severe hair loss, a weekly coconut milk treatment should be done on the hair until your hair loss is resolved.
  • Coconut milk may be added to your shampoos, conditioners or use by itself or with other natural ingredients as a deep conditioner.
  • Coconut milk can also be used as an overnight pre-poo treatment  (a treatment consisting of a mix of oils applied to hair prior to a shampoo wash, to help protect the hair from harsh shampooing process).  A pre-poo regimen makes hair manageable, easier to detangle and also minimizes hair breakage.  As pre-poo treatment,  allow the coconut milk  to dry on your hair and then cover it as you sleep.  You may wash out in the morning.
  • To strengthen your hair, Aloe Vera and Tulsi leaves can be added to your coconut milk treatment.
  • To loosen the curls in your hair, squeeze in two-three lemon juice in your coconut milk and  refrigerate the mixture for about four hours or more.  Afterwards, the mixture will thicken like  curd, making it easier to apply the mixture on your hair and scalp.   You may then cover it with a plastic cap and keep  the mixture for minimum of half an hour or  forty- five minutes on your hair.  Following  up with a steam of hot towel is optional, but it will show more  results.

Because coconut contains a significant amount of protein, it is advised to add moisture to your preparation such as honey or vegetable glycerin or your favorite moisturizing conditioner to your concoction if using coconut as a deep conditioner in order to avoid your hair from becoming hard or crunchy after a treatment.

The benefits from using coconut milk:

  •  Reduces premature graying of hair
  • If you have thinning hair, coconut milk stops hair shedding and breakage
  • Boosts hair growth and health
  • Controls and heals several scalp issues including dermatitis
  • Makes the hair soft and supple
  • When mixed with lemon juice can loosen the curls in hair
  • Very good deep conditioner because of its penetrative qualities

When coconut milk is applied topically to our hair, coconut milk provides quick external positive results with such treatment; making hair noticeably softer.   More so, hair loss  may be prevented.

To reiterate, however we may use coconut milk for our hair, the best thing to note is that this natural treatment is very safe and has no side effects whatsoever and will certainly make our “crown of glory”  more dense and beautiful!

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