10 Reasons to Love Cheese (More!)

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(Photo Credit:  Cheesestorecedarhurst)
(Photo Credit: Cheesestorecedarhurst)

How many of us have the passion for a certain food simply because of its taste?  There are some kinds of food which we seem to never get tired of.  Like me and my cheesy tongue;  I grew up with cheese, literally speaking.  Anything with cheese on it is always a delightful treat to me. Cheese, when included in so many varied recipes, makes almost every dish taste just a lot better (for my family at least!).

 Cheese by itself is ‘thumbs up’ for me especially when I feel so down or when I’m pissed off.    Cheese spread, cheese sticks, cheese slices; any form. ^_^  It takes my mind off stress.
But little did I know of its other “thumbs up” qualities.  After 50 birthday cakes and hundreds of pizzas and lasagnas, I finally got to know that cheese is more than just yummy.  Cheese, in fact, has a lot of health benefits.   And I think cheese-craving is hereditary ’cause everyone in my family simply love cheese, too.  Lol!
Apparently, cheese does our body a lot of good; which tv commercials fail to relay.  They tempt us with the cheese toppings on pizzas, bread and pasta, without telling us of its more-than-just mouth-watering goodness.
The benefits we get from cheese?  Well, here they are.  
Cheese is great for :
  • Dental Health  because it has very high calcium content which is essential to have strong teeth and thereby prevent cavities. It is also very low in lactose content and goes lower the older it gets; which is  beneficial for the teeth.   Some people eat certain varieties of cheese such as aged Cheddar and processed American cheese immediately after a meal or as a snack because studies has  proven that cheese prevents tooth decay.
  • Bone Health owing to  its being rich in vitamin B (which develops during its fermentation) and calcium which are necessary for bone strength and formation, especially in children and pregnant women.  For adults, especially the elderly, cheese helps strengthen their bones and cartilages.  Vitamin B aids in proper absorption and distribution of calcium.
  • Weight Gain – which means that cheese is the healthy way for those who want to add some pounds or kilos to their weight.  If obese and a bit overweight, minimize your cheese intake or go for low-fat content.  Cheese is full of protein, fat, calcium, and vitamins and minerals which keep muscles and bones strong and healthy.   With cheese, you are sure to gain extra muscle weight, fat and bone density; especially if you are doing your exercises and sleeping well.
  • Osteoporosis;  a deficiency disease which denotes a lack in calcium which may bring about fall in the bone density.   Cheese provides protein, calcium and a vitamin rich diet   which is  essential for treatment of osteoporosis in elderly people and children who suffer from malnutrition; also best for women who are undergoing menopause.
  • Hypertension – Sodium and cholesterol are the two elements mainly considered harmful in hypertension and hypertensive people are advised to avoid them.   Cheese in this situation must be considered critically because the fat in cheese depends on the quality of the milk it was made with; whether it’s full fat or cream milk, or low fat or fat free milk, to determine how high the fat content of the cheese is. High fat cheese tastes better which makes them more popular, but presently, low-fat cheese are being introduced.  If hypertensive, be sure to look for the fat content in the cheese before buying (which should be low).  More over,  go for low-sodium cheese that are helpful in reducing agents which are associated with heart disease.  The sodium content in cheese depends on the amount of salt added to the milk before it was turned into cheese.   In addition, Vitamin B which is present in cheese is also helpful for those with high blood pressure.
  • Cancer Prevention  because cheese contains substances called Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids which help prevent cancer. Likewise, the vitamin B in cheese helps in maintaining body functions and as such, protects the body from diseases like Beriberi.    Vitamin B also enhances blood formation, strengthens liver, and facilitates absorption of nutrients in the body.
  • Pregnancy – because cheese is rich in calcium which is necessary for bone strength and formation.  For pregnant women, it can help stimulate contractions when it’s time for the baby to come  and aids in lactation (milk production in the body) in preparation for the baby’s coming.
  • Nutrition – Cheese has a very high concentration of essential nutrients  such as high quality proteins and  calcium, and likewise, cheese also has  phosphorous, zinc, vitamin A, riboflavin, and vitamin B12.
  • Prevention or reduction of PMS  (Premenstrual syndrome)  which involves a variety of physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms tied to a woman’s menstrual cycle.   The calcium in cheese  helps to reduce problems associated with PMS. 
  • Skin care because cheese  contains B vitamins which are good for maintaining  healthy and glowing skin.

Now, we know that we have more than one reason to love cheese.   It’s not just a matter of  yummy taste anymore; it has become a matter of health, too.

Have a cheesy delight!

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