4 Easy Steps Towards Eye Improvement

(Photo Credit:  Eyedoctors rcmc)
(Photo Credit: Eyedoctors rcmc)

The wonders of nature are more than meets the eye, true.  But how can we appreciate even the tiniest detail of God’s creations if our eyesight is continuously failing?

Without any doubt, losing the benefits of a clear and sharp vision is one of the greatest nightmares we are always dreadful about.  Seeing only half of the beauty of the wonders around us with a blurry vision is no consolation.

Regardless of age, poor eyesight can literally rob a person of a bright vision for the future ahead. In the Philippines, growing concern regarding eye health is not unfamiliar to us anymore. As a matter of fact, cases of poor eyesight can start as early as during primary education until a person reaches late adulthood when serious cases such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) start to unfold.

Although eye supplements have been sprouting in the market for the past few years, these products will never be enough to improve your hazy vision. If this is the case, how can we ever defy aging which is slowly robbing us of a good vision?

The answer is not to reverse aging, but to use simple methods to improve  our eyesight. There are a lot of techniques to choose from, BUT having too many options tend to overwhelm us.

Hence, here’s a summary of the effective measures to improve our eyesight and arranged into  a simple four-step method aptly named “MA.T.A.”   for our easy recall:

M – Make sure you always watch what you eat.

Eyes are the windows to our souls, but that doesn’t mean we have to disregard the importance of choosing the right foods to eat. As a matter of fact, eating foods may actually hold the key for a healthier vision as long as we  choose the right items we put in our mouth. Here are some of the top choices we can eat to make our eyesight clearer than ever:

a. Blueberries – Finally, we don’t need to feel guilty after relishing in a delicious blueberry cheesecake, because according to a study published in the The Archives of Ophthalmology, blueberries contain antioxidants that decreases the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration for both men and women.
b. Egg yolks – If you think that carrots are the best choice for people with vision problems, you might be missing another healthy food which is twice more powerful than beta-carotene: egg yolks. Antioxidants called lutein are naturally fat-soluble, so egg yolks are obviously the best choice to obtain this nutrient. According to experts, getting 2-6 mg of lutein everyday can significantly reduce one’s risk of getting vision problems in the future.
c. Fish – Alright, when we say “fish” here, we are pertaining to fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel which are the major sources of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA.   These nutrients have been found effective in keeping the retina in its best shape and are a major component of essential photo receptors found in our eyes.  As an alternative, you can give yourself at least 1,000 mg of cod liver oil especially if you have a distaste with these kind of fish.
d. Spinach (with red onion or garlic) – Spinach is naturally rich in lutein which can shield our eyes from the deteriorating effects of age-related cataracts and macular degeneration. It is already good on its own, but if we want to have a perfect eye-protecting meal, we can serve the spinach with garlic or red onions, two spices which will not only add additional flavor, but will also supply important antioxidants known to protect our eyes from free radicals.

A – Avoid straining our eyes.

There are four simple ways which we can follow to avoid applying unnecessary strain to our eyes:

a. Wear sunglasses every time we are exposed to the sun, because research studies have proven the cumulative effects of long sun exposure to our eyes like development of cataracts and other retinal diseases.

b. Keep that computer screen below eye level because through this method, we will be able to slow down our risk of developing dry eye syndrome.

c. Don’t wear  glasses ALL the time for the simple reason that the more we use it, the more our eyes will get used to it until complete recovery becomes impossible to achieve.

d. Don’t try your luck in “staring contest” or doing tricks like “squinting” because in the end, your eyes will suffer the strain it will get from those nonsensical activities.

T – Take herbs and multivitamins that are clinically-proven.

In addition to the usual health practices, giving ourselves a daily dose of particular herbs and supplements can also help us in achieving our ideal vision. Gingko, glutathione, billberry, sage, zinc, Vitamins A & C are just some of the components that we have to remember in choosing the best diet supplements that are perfect for our needs.

A – Aim for a healthier lifestyle.

Our eyes are not detached from our body system; so that means, whatever we do or consume may directly or indirectly affect our vision. Hypertension, diabetes, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and too much stress are just some of the factors which can greatly affect the power of our vision, so before it’s too late, we should develop responsibility and discipline for ur own health. Regular consultation with your doctor can also help us go a long way in protecting our precious eyesight.

We will never realize how important our vision is until disease processes rob us of the opportunity to see the earth’s wonders using our own two precious eyes. Taking our eyesight for granted will never get us somewhere, so efforts to protect our vision should be taken seriously regardless of our age. Our eyes are a gift and it will solely depend on us if we’re going to protect it.  Otherwise,  our gift of eyesight might be taken away by our own careless disregard.

The choice is actually ours.

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