Tips to Avoid Having Wrinkles (How to Look Younger Than Your Age)

(Photo Credit: Woodboroughhouse)
(Photo Credit:  Woodboroughhouse)
(Photo Credit: Woodboroughhouse)

What’s wrong with wrinkles?  you may ask.  Nothing wrong with actually having them; they just give people some clues to your real age and make you realize that you are looking a little less better everyday because of those creases which seem to regularly increase as days go by.  Not having them so early and so fast is a treat you can give yourself though.

Wrinkles do not actually destroy a person’s mood, but when one is wrinkle-free or has few wrinkles despite aging, well and good.  There’s nothing like a youthful look to boost one’s confidence and happiness mode.  The only hard thing to deal with is being obsessed with vanity as per looks despite the years that pass.   Snow White’s stepmother; remember her?  Her vanity drove her to desire Snow White’s death.^_^

Anyway, aging will happen naturally; whether we like it or not.  It is something inevitable.  BUT it doesn’t mean that we can not do something to look younger than our real age.   Looking at the mirror every morning and seeing a youthful face and a beaming smile is sure to perk up our whole day.  No doubt about that.  People usually feel they way they look.  When we’re looking great, it adds a special perk  to how we feel inside.

So how about we start addressing the problem before we get there?  

Here are some tips to maintain a healthier, younger-looking skin:

  • Have more water than just during mealtimes.  You see, consumption of H2O gives us plenty of benefits —  hydration, better digestive system, high energy level, and healthy skin  are among them.   Doctors recommend  that we  drink eight to nine cups of water  daily, but we may need more if we regularly exercise and have a dry climate.
  • Keep off sun’s rays unless you have yourself protected with some sunscreen.   Do not expose yourself to long hours under the sun though even if you have already slathered some sunscreen.  Watch a leaf dry under the sun; that’s how you’ll also damage your skin.   Each tanning session speeds up the aging so beware o frequent sunbaths.   Daily application of  sunscreen helps keep those wrinkles away.
  • Sleep healthy, age less.  Insufficient rest and sleep could make our face and body age at a much higher rate because we robbing our body of its chance to rejuvenate and repair any damage.  Lack of sleep makes our body produce high levels of cortisol hormones which may break down our valuable skin, so never sacrifice your skin over Facebook or games, lol!
  • Increase our Human Growth Hormone level (HGH) because helping our body make more of its own HGH could considerably  improve the elasticity and appearance of our skin.    HGH levels  tend to decline as we age which may result to faster signs of aging such as  a wrinkled face.  Regular exercise combined with HGH supplements  are two ways to increase our HGH and prevent wrinkles.
  •  Eat right.  Consume food that promotes health include fruits and vegetables which can be very helpful for preventing onset of wrinkles.  A lot of  people’s diets do not have sufficient nutrients to also nourish their skin. Look for foods and supplements rich in antioxidants in order to slow the aging process.  Skin-boosters food include tomatoes, mangoes, papaya,  apricots, sweet potatoes, mussels, flaxseed, spinach, canned tuna, safflower oil, and cocoa powder.  To reverse wrinkles or prevent new ones from setting in, have some blueberries, cranberries, beans, and artichokes which are high antioxidant food; they repair and prevent further damage to the skin.
  • Do not over-exfoliate, as in overwhelming your skin with too many skin care products; hopping from one to another or using many alternately. Stick it out with a couple or so, and that should be enough for your regimen.  (Even skin can have an overdose!)
  • Skin care product  brands with Vitamins E, A, and C are  recommended.  Using a moisturizer suitable for your type of skin is helpful, too. types of skin, a dermatologist can suggest which products would work best with your specific skin.
  • Quit smoking totally as it encourages quick aging and formation of wrinkles.  Cigarette  releases enzymes which break down collagen and elastin in our face and  leads to thin, heavy lined skin.

Never forget also that stress and worry contribute to having deep wrinkles.  Maintaining a positive attitude and a happy disposition drives the creases away.  If you would allow some  creases to stay, make sure they are ‘laugh lines!’


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