Benefits of Eating Green Bell Peppers

(Photo credit: Bigoven)
(Photo credit:  Bigoven)
(Photo credit: Bigoven)


Not many people like having these green bell peppers on their plate although they are willing to have some bits on their pizza or meat dishes. Perhaps, it is because green bell peppers have a slightly bitter flavor unlike the more ripe bell peppers which have a sweet taste.

Why do people use it?

For one thing, green bell peppers grow easily even in  home gardens and are ready for the picking by late summer.  It is less expensive than the yellow and red-ripe bell peppers.

They are used a lot because of the crunch and different flavor it adds on food; and in addition, it also gives color and perk to several food dishes and it can also be eaten raw.  It is a common kitchen ingredient which dates far back than our ancestors. In fact, it was known to have been popular also with the ancient Aztecs.

But other than the crunch, the flavor and the color it gives, is it possible that green bell peppers have their own share of magic to give us health-wise?

Yes, indeed.  Research tell us that green bell peppers have their own nutritional benefits and it’s alright to include it as a substantial part of our eating plans.

Why?  Because green bell peppers are:

  •  low in calories
  •  it’s a good supplier of certain vitamins (C and E) and minerals.  Having enough vitamin C makes us less likely to develop infections; likewise our blood vessels are able to function more efficiently.  Our skin, teeth, and gums become healthier, too.  Vitamin E aids in  protecting our cells from damage and serves as support towards having a strong immune system.
  •  it contains zero fat!  
  • keeps our eyes healthy because of the Zeaxanthin which is present in green bell peppers ; such that it may help reduce the risk of eye disorders which are age-related 
  • helps to reduces our risk of certain chronic illnesses because the antioxidants in vegetables helps to significantly reduce free radical damage
  • rich in fiber and helps the digestive system to function more efficiently (less constipation and less likely to develop hemorrhoids. More over, with sufficient fiber, the risk of   heart disease and diabetes becomes lower.
  • Its fiber may also help  lose weight or at least, maintain a healthy weight  because of less eating appetite due to a fullness feeling from taking some green bell peppers.

Just make sure to  wash those peppers thoroughly with cold water in order to remove dust, dirt, grime, and pesticides.

It can be eaten raw as with pizzas and salads, but it can also be eaten in different ways:  fried, baked whole, roasted, grilled, cut and sliced when added to stews and pasta sauces; of course, minus the seeds in its hollow center.

Ain’t it great to know what benefits green bell peppers give us?

Now, we won’t be just enjoying those green bell peppers for the sake of taste; we’re going to enjoy it more for the benefits it gives.


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