Do Electronic Cigarettes Cause More Harm Than Good?

(Photo Credit: Vapor-electronic-cig)
(Photo Credit:    Vapor-electronic-cig)
(Photo Credit: Vapor-electronic-cig)

Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and in many nations it’s not necessary to present proof of your age to buy them. With brand new marketing promotions of e cigarettes trying to model them as trendy it is a significant concern that young teens will begin to try them and will become hooked. The problem tends to be that once youth are hooked on electronic cigarettes they may start smoking normal cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette vs . Real Cigarette

It’s often an argument of pro e cigarette users that e cigarettes do not contain tobacco and that they happen to be healthier than common cigarettes. This is accurate in that actual cigarettes contain above 4000 chemical compounds within the mix of tobacco they contain. Lots of of these tend to be cancer agents.

Therefore, it is accurate that moving over from cigarettes to e cigarettes will vastly reduce your chance of acquiring cancer. Having said that, it isn’t understood if there are any hazards of electric cigarettes or not. Health professionals and regulatory bodies are stating that there isn’t good enough preliminary research concerning the potential perils of e cigarettes to be sure that they are totally risk-free. We certainly have no clue of the possible dangers of nicotine vapour until more research is carried out. It’s also important to remember that electronic cigarettes can be obtained without nicotine. Generally speaking, a great deal more research should be undertaken concerning the health issues.

Quit Smoking Aid

The great advantage of e cigarettes is that they can be used as a device to help someone stop smoking gradually. Lots of people minimize the nicotine level of their electronic cigarette over time and then move to a nicotine-free, flavoured option. Plenty of people who smoke suggest that it’s easy to handle the feelings of yearning for a cigarette if they have a product to smoke as a replacement. People who smoke electronic cigarettes and are not preparing to quit are on the increase. This really is to be predicted on account of the addictive tendencies of nicotine as well as the wide array of electronic cigarettes. The long term health effects of regularly smoking e-cigarettes aren’t understood because of their short existence.


The main hazards of e cigarettes that are recognized by us at the moment are the potential consequences it could have on an era of young people. It is crystal clear, however, that e-cigarettes don’t possess the multitude of toxins that genuine cigarettes contain and therefore the health threats are lessened extremely. Electronic cigarettes are appropriately used by many to lower their nicotine ingestion and at last stop smoking cigarettes completely.

If electronic cigarettes help a lot of smokers to give up, then the potential risks are worth it as people won’t be using them for too long and they will be much healthier in the long term. Having said that, if electronic cigarettes inspire a whole new generation of smokers, then it will reverse all the hard work that’s been done to help the older generations give up.

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