Texting Doesn’t Have To Be Done Immediately

(Photo Credit: Modernmormonmen)
 (Photo Credit:    Modernmormonmen)
(Photo Credit: Modernmormonmen)

I cannot believe how heavy a message can be and yet how few people will go about paying attention to it. I don’t know if there’s another kind of subject that’s been hammered into my head as much as texting while driving and I understood that it was wrong, even when my peers in high school thought otherwise. Compared to them, I can’t help but feel as though I had taken on a more nerdy approach. Even though this is true, I believe a number of influences have shaped that choice for me.

While I knew that texting while driving was a bad idea when I was younger, I don’t think the point was truly driven home until I watched an ad that was banned from the States while it aired in the U.K. Essentially, it was a longer ad that depicted blood as well as the negative impact others can have if one person isn’t focusing on the road. It was unsettling, which played a part as to why the States did not allow it to be shown. It was effective as an ad, though, and it’s one that organizations like Texting Awareness can show you, too.

These types of messages seem to leave a great impact on people and my mother was amongst them. If you need an example, she’s never one to forget to tell me that I should call or text message her once I had gotten to school when I commuted. In addition, she still stresses the point before I leave the house. While there may be those who consider her parenting “overprotective,” I see why she does it. It’s even gotten to the point where I would actually follow her words, no matter what.

I believe it was during my days in college that I was driving home one night and it slipped my mind to contact my mother. While there might have been a few people my age who would have quickly texted while on the road, it was almost like the message my mother gave me rang in my head. It was like she was able to influence me to pull over to the side of the road so that I could text her then. After doing so, I was surprised with the legitimately good decision I made.

I don’t think I make bad choices on a continual basis, but small ones occur every so often. It’s not like I’m not someone who drinks and drives, which means that I have a pretty good idea of which choices are going to be most negatively impactful for me. Texts messaging while driving may be one of those bad choices that I would much rather steer clear of and I think the same can be said for any sensible person. More people are going to grow up learning about this, so I hope they make the right decision as well.

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