Why Should You Think About Natural Wart Removal Techniques?

(Photo Credit: Wartshater)
 (Photo Credit:    Wartshater)
(Photo Credit: Wartshater)

Those unsightly benign tumors that are located on the surface of the human body, particularly on hands and feet, are called warts. They are unattractive, contagious, and you can have them for a long time which is why natural wart removal is crucial.

In order to get rid of their warts, almost all persons opt for medical procedures, such as cryogenic removal, which is a treatment performed with the help of liquid nitrogen, laser surgeries, or surgical curettages. These treatments are often painful, ineffective and can even leave you scars. As a consequence, people have started utilizing natural remedies which don’t involve pain and too much money. It seems hard to believe, but it has great effects. All you have to do is rub the affected area using a banana peel.

If you have no patience, you can simply put the banana peel on the wart and fix it with a piece of duct tape or adhesive bandage. You won’t get rid of the wart quickly, because if you want this remedy to have good effects, you have to repeat it for a few weeks. Each household has this type of remedy. It was demonstrated that apple cider vinegar, more than being useful in the kitchen, is efficient for eliminating warts. Use the apple cider vinegar to bathe a cotton ball, then place it over the wart and use duct tape to keep it there. You might let it there during the night, but you can be irritated. If you consider it too strong for your skin, you can try repeating the treatment every two days instead of doing it daily. It shouldn’t take more than a week for this remedy to work if performed properly.

You can apply potato slices on the warts as often as possible, without worrying about potential allergic reactions. This aspect being considered, potatoes represent a great wart treatment. Only a few weeks are necessary for them to work. A traditional treatment that eradicates warts in only a few months is referred to as castor oil. Aloe Vera juice can be obtained from this plant and it leads to two results on warts. When covering your warts with Aloe Vera, they are eradicated due to its infiltration into the skin, and when consuming Aloe Vera, your immune system works better on defeating the warts virus. If you don’t have access to castor oil you can use any cream that contains aloe without worrying that the treatment won’t pay off.

Duct tape is a product which is efficient in numerous situations, and eradication of warts is one of them. Considering all the natural remedies explained above, doctors regularly advise individuals to opt for this one since all they have to do is to put duct tape on the wart. Replace the duct tape until the wart is gone with it, regardless of how many times it falls off.

Each one of these natural wart removal remedies is effective after a certain period of time, but they often treat the effect, not the cause. If you want your body to win the battle with the warts virus, supply your immune system with great amounts of vitamin C that come from healthy foods.

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