Breaking News: Hair Extensions Proved To Cause Permanent Balding

(Photo Credit: www.belgraviacentre)
(Photo Credit:    www.belgraviacentre)
(Photo Credit: www.belgraviacentre)

In the past one or two years the need for hair extensions among ladies has increased. The most important reason for that is straightforward – their favourite celebs were doing it. This is a conventional case of monkey-see-monkey-do. This is also another display of the influence that celebrities have in the market place. People need to act like them, dress like them, and do everything that they do. This time it has gone to far!

Celebrity Bad Hair Extensions

Hair transplant specialists from around the world have been reporting an increase of girls balding do to hair extensions. When asked what made them choose to get extensions 90% of them said because they wanted hair like their favourite stars.

According to  the hair transplant experts interviewed, the people particularly at risk for damage from hair extensions are those who already have thinning hair, or with some sort of existing medical condition such as anemia.

Hair Extensions Bad For Hair

It has been shown that hair extensions in most situations cause damages to the hair and the scalp. Don’t listen to me ask twenty-two year old Maya Ramos of Delray Beach, Florida, who experienced first hand the unpleasant results of hair extensions.

Three months after her extensions Ramos started to see indications of thinning hair. In a recent interview Ramos told GMA that her hair started to shed a lot in the areas where the hair extensions where located. Her hair started to fall out so badly that she began to panic, she didn’t know what else to do but seek help from a hair loss transplant consultant.

She was ultimately diagnosed with traction alopecia, a kind of gentle baldness caused primarily by a pulling force being applied to the hair. Ramos’s hair fortunately grew back after looking for the aid of a consultant. However, another young woman by the name of Chioma Odimegwu of NY City wasn’t as fortunate. Odimegwu’s only course might be a hair transplant at the age of 25 – after 6 years of using hair extensions on and off, she suffered from permanent hair loss.

Odimegwu had attempted everything from numerous topical lotions to female Rogaine to attempt to re-grow her hair. In a news interview about the damages of hair extensions, Odimegwu said that out of shame she wears a large amount of hats and she covers her hair by also wearing a lot of thick hairbands.

These two young women are not alone. Many stars have come forward and shared their stories of experiencing hair loss do to extensions. This is an increasing issue, and a serious price to pay for looking beautiful.

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