What Should Be Expected From A Good Cosmetic Dentist

(Photo Credit: Srisolaidentalcare)
(Photo Credit:    Srisolaidentalcare)
(Photo Credit: Srisolaidentalcare)

Cosmetic dentistry is broadly used to refer to dental work that is supposed to enhance the appearance of your teeth, bite and gums. If you require that totally ideal smile then visiting a cosmetic dentist would be excellent. Recent advances in the sector of dentistry have enabled the inception of near perfect teeth that are just as robust as original teeth.

The primary shoot for going for these surgeries is to have straighter, nice and better teeth. Thus selecting the best dentist in your neighborhood is significant. The basis of choosing a cosmetic dentist can be done on the basis of the type of technology they used, past surgeries and the experience of the dentist.

A consultation with your preferred dentist is critical in attaining the specified smile. This consultation is usually different to other dental exams that you could be used to. Typically, your dentist starts by asking you questions concerning your preferred smile. He then explains the process options available and then gives a practical idea on what can be achieved.

Understanding the results that can be accomplished from this endeavor is important and may be done before visiting a cosmetic dentist. You can equally look at pictures that you want your smile to mirror. This can enable your dentist to not only have an auditory example of what you wish to have but also a visual example.

In the consultation it is important that you and your dentist come to a standard understanding. During your first meeting with your dentist you should be expecting him to introduce himself and explain the qualifications and number of years that he’s been practicing. He’ll then ask procedural questions to help him understand your smile goals.

Investigation into the teeth, gums and/or bite will then be done in order to help in making treatment suggestions. The final shape and health of the teeth and the gum and gum line will be examined to work out if they want any dental surgery. Advocated procedures, the time frame for achieving the desired results, a total guess of the price of the process and any 3rd parties to be involved (if need be) will then be provided.

Analysis of the whole process is crucial in deciding the level of success. This is often done by taking a ‘before ‘ image showing your smile before commencing the dental procedures and an ‘after ‘ image showing your smile after completion of the procedure. Viewing footage of patients with similar Problems can also supply you with a little hint of your dentist’s inventive talent.

Although cosmetic dentistry is built on the same foundation as general dentistry, there are sophisticated differences between the two. Whereas a general dentist is more interested in providing general dental treatment, a cosmetic dentist will help you in achieving a smile that you’ve always been having dreams about.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you know the most notable difference between somebody offering general dentist services and a cosmetic dentist. When you understand what to expect from a good cosmetic dentist, you will be satisfied with result of cosmetic dentistry that you receive from them.


Lionel Piedmont thanks the workers at Smile Designs in Wellington, Florida, particularly cosmetic dentist Sergio Rauchwerger, DMD, for guidance used in writing this article.