Understanding The Risks And Benefits Associated With Sun Lotions

(Photo Credit: dreamstime)
 (Photo Credit:    dreamstime)
(Photo Credit: dreamstime)

Sun lotions are products that enable individuals to protect themselves from damages that can be caused by exposure to the sun. They are also known as suntans, sunscreen or even sun lotions. They also come in various forms. For instance, it may be a gel or even a cream. Its main purpose is to reflect sunlight or prevent the absorption of the UV rays by the skin. Even skin lighteners have sun tans in them.

Sun lotions usually have several ingredients. They contain organic compounds. They help in absorbing the ultraviolet rays. They also contain organic and inorganic particulates that assist in the reflection of the rays. Some products may contain all of them and some may only have one or two. Basically, the sun lotions can be classified according to their mode of action. Physical sunscreens reflect sunlight but chemical tans usually absorb the UV rays.

Just like any other product, a lot of debate has been elicited concerning the safety of sun lotions though it aids in the prevention of sunburns and the development of basal cell carcinomas. It is even recommended by the American Cancer Society.

Nevertheless, its use has created a lot of controversy. For instance, some of the tans do not block the rays, but can cause an individual to develop melanoma. Research indicates that those who use sun lotions tend to accumulate a high level of UVA without them realizing.

Sun lotions are very safe and effective. For one to achieve better results, they must apply it twice a day. The sunscreens help to minimize any harmful effects that the sun can pose to the skin. These sun lotions are also crucial in maintaining crucial proteins, such as keratin, elastin and collagen, whose main purpose is to keep the skin firm and smooth at all times.

People who use sun lotions have reaped several benefits. Aging does not come easy as the skin is well protected. In addition, they are not bound to get melanoma or cataracts as their skins can handle the sun and the rays. They are protected at all times.

Woe unto those who do not utilize these sun lotions. By not applying sun lotions, they are exposing their skin to several hazards. Consequences that they should expect include rapid aging often signified by wrinkles. In the long run, they can develop skin cancer and other conditions, too. Their immunity can also be suppressed.

It is for this reason that scientists and beauticians are recommending that people should start applying sun lotions. It can be applied at any time. However, the best time to apply is between 10 in the morning and four in the evening.

This is due to the fact that the sun is hot at this time and so many radiations are being produced. The other body parts must not also be left exposed. Invest in a good hat, shades and long sleeved clothing. At all times, apply sun lotions that have a SPF factor of 30 and above.

Buyers are required to follow some advice before buying and using any of the sun lotions. Avoid buying cheap creams. Do not also go for costly ones. The key factor is to check out the ingredients first. Ensure that once you purchase it, use it all times even when the skin seems to appear fine.

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