How to Manage and Stop Skin Fungus White Spots

skin fungus

skin fungusBy Luningning De Guzman

Pityrosporum ovale, an ordinary yeast that happens on anyone’s skin, causes this skin infection. It grows quickly and readily extends forming patches that is found on the skin. It destroys the cells responsible in giving our skin color, thus the emergence of the spots that are colored white. Doctors have been baffled by this skin problem and up to this time are not sure as to why the yeast works on such a small segment of our populace.

The tinea versicolor that causes skin fungus white spots differs from each individual. If exposed under the sun, these blotches become more visible. We say it is more noticeable because it does not get tanned even if the nearby areas are already close to being burned. It is, nevertheless, pink or rosy red in color if the person is not under the sun.

Inhabitants of countries with mid-climate weather are most probable to get this fungal contamination. The same holds true for those living in temperate weather. These skin fungus white spots love to stay in damp areas as this is the environment that is more conducive to them. Because of that, these creatures can also breed on your underarm especially if you sweat more than the usual.

The skin fungus white spots and the yeast will easily flourish if not given immediate attention. Not only are they unsightly causing you embarrassment, but they are also capable of delaying the functions of body organs. The liver is the first organ that will be affected by the yeast. It you notice white spots appearing on your skin, do not delay any further treatment, act on it immediately!

The best way to treat this fungal infection is by using an anti-fungal cream. Applying it directly on the affected area will destroy the core of the fungus and will completely thwart its recurrence. It was also said that anti-dandruff shampoo can cure these skin fungus white spots. The spots are diminished if the affected area is washed with the dandruff shampoo although this is still to be established as per doctors’ declaration.

Individuals who are beleaguered with skin fungus white spots are advised by doctors to avoid engaging in physical activities as these will make them perspire all the more, especially while the infection is being medically managed. Normal treatment with anti-fungal creams should be done in three days for one week. Once they are gone, you can confidently wear sleeveless shirts and blouses and even dare to wear bikinis again like you used to.