4 Things That Make Acne Worse

Acne vulgaris
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By James Jenick

Both in our teenage years and at times, throughout our lives, a lot of us have to deal with skin problems. One of the most common is Acne. It tends to show up on our faces. It may also show up on any part of our body such as our arms, back or chest.

Unfortunately, dealing with this acne skin problem is an ongoing battle for many of us. We may even have tried a lot of natural acne cures or remedies before we find one that really works for our particular acne.

While you’re looking for the exact acne cure, make sure that you take care of your skin and not make your acne worse. Below are several different things that people do on a regular basis with their acne that may actually make it even more difficult to treat.

1. Dirty / Unwashed Hands

You must leave your acne alone. Do not touch it with your dirty hands. It is indeed necessary to clean your face or the affected area on a regular basis. You should not touch your acne or else it will spread further. There’s a lot of thought that acne has a lot to do with bacteria. If you touch that affected area with your unwashed hands, you run the risk of spreading it further. You must learn how to leave your acne alone.

2. Popping your Acne

Do not dare to squeeze your acne. Whenever your acne comes to a head, do not rid of that head by popping it, for lack of a better word. If you are going to squeeze your acne, there is no doubt that you are going to push some things to the surface and beyond. Unfortunately, you may also be pushing some of it below the surface and further down into your body. This can cause the acne to spread and if you have a particularly bad case, it may cause permanent scarring.

3. Dirty Hair

Wash your hair before you go to sleep. During the day, our sweat glands are very active and whether we sweat profusely or not, it gets into our hair and in our face. Most of us take the time to wash our faces before we go to bed but unless we also take the time to wash our hair, we may actually be subjecting our face to all of that oil throughout the night. Even if you keep your hair tied back to keep it off of your face or even if you have short hair, the oil from it will transfer to your pillow and then into your face as you roll around during the night. Make washing your hair a habit or a part of your nightly regiment and you will enjoy clearer skin from the effort. So make sure that you’re not neglecting this important part of your daily regimen.

4. Not Enough Rest

A lot of information online tells you that you should get enough sleep if you are trying to overcome your acne skin problem. It is certainly true. Sleep deprivation can cause a lot of problems within the body, including bad skin complexion. What many people don’t realize is that, the sleep they are getting may actually be making their acne worse.

Enjoying your nightly regimens before going to sleep is very important. Make sure that your entire body is clean before you go to bed. It will not only help clear your skin, it will also help you to sleep better and to get more quality sleep during the night. All of this will go a long way in helping you enjoy a clearer skin.

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