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Cancer is sometimes a silent killer. In its early stages, you may not experience symptoms yet, but eventually, you will feel it once it spreads in your body. However, the cure and success rate of cancer depends on its type and the extent of the damage. That’s why the best way to fight cancer is through early detection and prompt treatment. There are actually various screening tests available and procedures that can be done to screen for cancer. Aside from these procedures, the American Cancer Society devised and provided a systematic way of remembering cancer warning signs, through the acronym C-A-U-T-I-O-N U-S. This acronym helps us recognize nine early signs of cancer.

Let’s take a look:

C – Change in bowel or bladder habits. (Blood in the urine/stool, experience difficulty in urinating and defecating, changes in the amount/color of urine and stool)

A – A sore that does not heal. (within a normal amount of time. Usually, skin irritations and/or wounds heal within a given amount of time so if ever you have a sore that hasn’t healed for quite some time, please have it checked).

U – Unusual bleeding or discharge. (any unusual discharge from the body)

T – Thickening or lump in the breast. (Do consider any lump as suspicious. Don’t just ignore it, thinking it might just be a pimple or insect bite. If ever you feel that the lump has been there for quite some time, please consider getting it checked and examined closely)

I – Indigestion. Indigestion and/or difficulty swallowing. (Be sure to interview the patient regarding the events that lead to indigestion so you can assess for associated disease/illness.)

O – Obvious changes to moles or warts.

N – Nagging cough. (The characteristic of the cough should be noted as well as the quantity and quality and duration.)

U- Unexplained anemia (Routine checking of blood should be considered to detect/ identify those who are at greater risk).
S- Sudden weight loss. (Unexplained weight loss can be alarming, especially if the patient lost weight rapidly).

So there, I hope that if ever your body is experiencing any of these warning signs, please consult with your doctor immediately. And I hope this article helped refresh your memory on how to spot some of the warning signs of cancer that will surely help you in the future. Now you have a better chance of early detection for any type of cancer, and also for your loved ones. Please bear in mind that these are just warning signs, it doesn’t mean that if ever you experience one of these signs, you already have cancer. No! It just means that you now have a better chance to be detected early and undergo prompt treatment. 🙂

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