The Miracle of Olive Oil


olive-oilOlive oil is a miracle oil that offers many health benefits to our body. There are several studies that suggest olive oil can fight cancer, as it has antioxidant properties, which are helpful for our health conditions. It also lowers bad cholesterol that can cause atherosclerosis or heart diseases if not properly monitored later on.

This oil is not only beneficial to our heart conditions, but it’s also good for our brain health as well. Don’t you know that a tablespoon of olive oil a day can strengthen your brain power? In ancient times, Middle Eastern people would drink a large amount of olive oil before going to any special social gatherings to aid them in processing new information more quickly. Today, many research studies have proven its actual health benefits to combat Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases in old people.

If you’re having a problem with digestion, olive oil can facilitate normal bowel movements because it speeds up metabolism and prevents constipation. As you can see in Mediterranean diet, they often include olive oil as part of their healthy diet. No wonder statistics show that most people who follow this kind of diet, have lesser bowel movement problems compared to other diet and meal plans.

Surprisingly, many famous dermatologists use olive oil to treat some skin ailments. The usage of it has been very helpful in relieving problems such as dry skin and untreatable dandruff, as it is an effective measure to moisturize the skin.

However, everyone should know the proper way of selecting this kind of product. Nowadays, you’ll see in different supermarkets and grocery stores, for instance, pure or some flavored olive oil. Choose only Extra Virgin Olive oil labeled with cold-pressed. This comes from the first pressing of olives; it’s natural without artificial chemical ingredients, and retains the most flavor and aroma.

Therefore, research teams should turn their investigative eye on this miracle oil that has become part of a healthy dietary regimen in human history. This is not only a simple oil, but it has numerous health benefits because of its advantageous nature for consumers.

Written By: Alon Calinao Dy