Drinking Spree Tips

Italo-disco party in The Hague!
Italo-disco party in The Hague! (Photo credit: David Domingo)

Ever wondered what it’d be like to have parties without drinks?For every celebration (a colleagues’ birthday, a weekend night-out with friends, a despedida party, and just recently, the holiday season, etc.), to include drinks (liquor, beer, wine etc.) in the menu. Not only does it add up to the fun, but it also sometimes help to loosen yourself a bit after a hard day’s work. Every once in a while, especially on parties, people consider it ‘okay’ to drink a little more than usual and get wasted, after all, it’s not everyday that you drink ’till you drop–party all night as if there’s no tomorrow but curse yourself the day after for a head-breaking hangover.. Ever had that kind of experience? 


So before you head out for your next drinking session with friends and experience another bout of those hangovers, let me share to you these simple tips that might help you prevent a hangover while enjoying the rest of the night:

  • Stuff yourself before drinking. –It’s NEVER a good idea to drink on an empty stomach! Mind you, you might be used to drinking without eating, but please do. Eating before drinking helps protect your stomach and helps reduce the effects of alcohol to your body. So if you don’t want to have an intense hangover blues because of not eating before drinking, might as well start changing your habits. (A/N: If in case you already have a hangover, then you can refer to another article on foods that can probably help you with your hangover. You can find it here.) Yes, there isn’t a single food and drink that can help you prevent a hangover, but when you start your drinking sesh, drinking water (plenty of water should I say) helps.
  • Lots of water, please! If possible, you can drink water in between your drinks (beer,liquor, cocktail or whatever it is at you’re drinking). This not only helps you prevent dehydration (as alcohol tends to pull water out of your cells)– water helps your body in the production of urine thus, helping you to eliminate the alcohol in your body faster. If you’re sane enough after coming home from a drinking spree, before you go to sleep, you can place a glass of water on your bedside table just in case you wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty.
  • Take it slow. No one’s rushing you to finish that drink in a blink of an eye, so it’s better if you take it slow. You can enjoy the party and celebration without getting drunk so early.
  • Plan ahead for an escape plan. (Well, all I mean is that, you should on how you’re going to make it home after a night-out with friends). If you’re having the night-out and drinking sesh with friends and you’re having it at their place, then good enough for everyone as it is safer. And also, if you’re not that much of a heavy drinker, then, another thumbs up for you. But then, you should always have a backup plan just in case, so that you can come home safely. Afterall, your safety should always be an utmost priority. Before heading out for the night, if you can, you can inform someone on your whereabouts and planned schedule for the night so if ever you get too drunk, then someone can come fetch you and bring you home. Don’t even think of driving under the influence of alcohol, please!
  • Double your awareness of your surroundings. Chances are, after a drinking spree, you are more prone to snatchers and pickpockets, so it’s always safe to have your drinking in moderation. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to wake up in a police station and/or a hospital!
  • It’s all on your self-control, dear. It’s okay to have your much deserved and once-in-a-while drinking sesh and nightout with your friends, but I hope that you know for yourself how to practice self-control. You can drink all you want like there’s no tomorrow, but you also have to face its consequences. So if I were you, I’d know my limits when it comes to alcohol. You can have fun with your friends (with alcohol/liquor/beer/cocktails included in your menu) and still stay sane after by practicing proper self control.

Have fun and safe drinking everyone! Cheers to a prosperous year ! 🙂

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