Perfectly Soft and Smooth Hands

Hand in hand
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Our hands, like any other part of  the  body, are very essential to our everyday lives. Keeping the hands and nails always at their best will ensure that you’ll get good first impressions like when you shake hands with another person, or when you wave your hands like you’re trying to put emphasis to what you’re saying.

 Without them, you wouldn’t be able to grasp and hold things you want to hold. The threat to having cuts and/or bruises, as well as the threat to develop dry skin is always lurking around the corner. So it is very important that we take care of our hands and make sure that despite the changing weather, we would exert effort to keep our hands soft and smooth.

 Aside from the changing weather, one might probably think that the main cause of having hard, rough and dry skin on our hands and feet is due to the need to moisturize them, but professionals say that’s not the only reason, because having dry hands can also be due to the build-up of dead tissue on our skin. And also, constantly washing your hands for disinfection might be good, but overdoing it is not. What I means is, every once in a while, you can wash your hands, but doing it so many times contributes to the drying of the skin in the hands because it destroys the pH balance in the skin, making it rough and dry.

Here are some tips for perfectly soft and smooth hands!

  1. Eating the right kinds of food (especially fruits and vegetables) is helpful to make your skin glow and soft at the same time.
  2. Make sure that your hands are clean. There’s no use in putting moisturizers, lotions and even nail polish if your hands and nails are dirty. When washing your hands, (if possible) do so with warm/lukewarm water.
  3. Aside from the usual handwashing method (washing with soap and then rinse), you can go grab a toothbrush then use it after rinsing the soap from your hands. After washing the soap from your hands, you can start scrubbing your hands gently in circular motion, making sure that you go around your whole hands and fingers. Doing so can really clean your hands and fingers, and as an added bonus, it helps scrub off the dead skin cell in your hands.
  4. After washing your hands, softly pat them dry. Do not rub them too vigorously as this tends to make the hands dry and rough.
  5. Do not wash your hands immediately if you’ve just done cooking, ironing of clothes and other related work, it’s not good for your joints.
  6. When doing work that includes chemicals, protect your hands by working carefully and by wearing gloves to avoid any untoward incidents.
  7. Every once in a while, treat your hands to a a little pampering. It doesn’t have to be in an expensive salon and spa treatment, even simple ingredients at home will do. For example, you can soak your hands in warm milk for at least 5 minutes and then rinsing it off after, (milk has been known to effectively soften skin, and the calcium content in the milk is good for the nails to make it stronger); you can also use lotions and creams before going to sleep (then wrapping your hands in cotton gloves and/or socks the whole night to lock in the moisture)–and voila, the next day, your hands are perfectly soft and smooth! Try these simple tips everyday and you’ll see how this works.

They say, beauty is pain, but I’d say, you don’t have to go through any pain just to have a pair of perfectly smooth and soft hands! Who said that you need to spend a huge amount of money to achieve it?  No matter how much work you do everyday, aloting even a fraction of your time for your hands will do. 🙂


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